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[Music] Foreign Welcome back I hope everybody's doing Good today I'm doing good and of course I'm back with another job for you guys And this one right here is coming from The company imagine learning and Currently they're looking for an NCAA Academic advisor to work remotely in the U.S you already know let's get straight Into the details for this job so with This job right here you're going to act As a point of contact for partnering Schools individuals families and Students and you're going to proactively Reach out to clients regarding Engagement with the program by phone you Got a project manage by onboarding Clients starting up the program training Program graduation path assistance General check-ins and more and you're Going to facilitate kickoff calls Outlining processes and procedures Expectations and involve other members As needed you're going to reach out to Clients and students directly and assist With improving client outcomes and Ensure all documents are accounted for To complete Admissions and enrollment For all students and you're going to use Technology tools and programs to ensure Client success so this may include Zendesk DocuSign sis platforms LMS Platforms parchment and more and of

Course you're going to have other duties As assigned so they want you to have at Least one year of NCAA athletic Eligibility knowledge that's required High school diploma or GED is required Associates or bachelor's degree is Preferred at least two years of Experience in customer service is Preferred in two years experience Working in education or with middle and High school age students is preferred as Well previous work experience with At-risk students is preferred and also Be highly motivated be a self-starter be Able to work collaboratively and be able To work in Microsoft Word Excel PowerPoint and Outlook and also have the Ability to provide a current fingerprint Clearance card or provide proof of Application within seven days upon hire You're going to get benefits with this Job including Health dental and vision You can check out the full list of Benefits and this job is going to pay Between 16.84 cents an hour to 19 per hour and You may also receive incentives and Commissions annual bonuses as well you Can work in the US and you can expect 10 Travel so be sure to have a valid Driver's license and automobile Insurance and here's the application Right here of course if you're Interested in applying for this job you

Can find the link in the description bar And if you have any questions you can Leave those below so yeah thank you guys So much for watching I'll see you in my Next video and good luck to everyone

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