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TGIF happy Friday two chicks fam it's me Carl and I am back with a non-phone high Paying part-time work from home job but Before I jump into the video be sure to Subscribe like and share because on this Channel guys not only do we talk about Legit work from home jobs but we give Away laptops and if you guys want to win A brand new beautiful laptop computer That is absolutely free be sure to take The video go post it on your social Media platforms Facebook Snapchat Instagram don't forget to share it with A friend come back and leave us a Comment now we have been dropping a ton Of work when you want videos if you guys Have missed them scroll back check them Out I dropped one on the channel this Morning be sure to go back and check it Out don't forget to hop over to the two Chicks with the side blog Look on the home page make sure you guys Apply for Telus International the Raider Position pays 14 dollars an hour work When you want let us know in the Comments what type of job you're looking For and be sure guys to sign up for Branded surveys the link is in the Comments let's jump in so the company is Case text they are looking for user Research coordinators to work part-time So it says about the role as the user Research coordinator at Case Case text You will be responsible for identifying

And contacting users who are willing to You to do user feedback sessions for Product and customer teams from our Existing database now the job will Entail 10 to 20 hours per week Conducting email Outreach coordinating Meetings and participation reward Administration in order to be successful In this role you will need to have great Verbal and written communication skills As well as have knowledge of database Searching preferably using mix panel Additionally you will need to be an Active listener have good time man Management skills and an interest in the Legal tech industry now this role is Entirely remote you must be based in the U.S and authorized to work in the U.S And the pay as you guys can see is 25 to 30 dollars an hour you don't need a Degree for this one so I will be sure to Leave the link right below the video in The description box so you guys can Check it out remember guys to go over to Google type in case text do some Research about the company just in case You guys get an interview you would want To be prepared and not surprised the Link will be posted under the video in The description box again be sure to Check it out make sure you take the Video and share it post it on Facebook Tick Tock Twitter Instagram but don't Forget to come back leave us a comment

Down below because somebody guys is Looking for a part-time high paying job Such as this one and you just might be That person to help them out also don't Forget to hop on over to Facebook and Join us the name of our group it is kids That cubic goodbye don't forget to Follow the two chicks with the side Hustle the Facebook business page guys We are giving away laptops like crazy This year so make sure you subscribe you Like you share you follow you tell a Friend but don't forget to come back and Leave us a comment follow the Twitter And the Instagram to cheeks with the Side hustle my name is Carl and I will Catch you wonderful beautiful people in The next video bye Are you poo

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