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Good morning it's Suzanne happy Monday Today's first work from home job lead is A call center representative in this Position you're going to earn up to 17 Per hour and they do offer part-time Positions so if you're looking for some Part-time work from home jobs this is Going to be a great fit for you so under The full job description they want you To have one year of customer service and One year of previous call center those Probably can go together technical Savvy Previous remote work experience is a Plus quick learner basic computer strong Phone background check applicable with State and federal laws must have Verified internet service in this role You'll take the lead in addressing Customer questions and concerns Skillfully change from one task to Another without loss or efficiency or Composure be available at your desk Remain positive and professional and Flexibility to cross-train as requested All right they're going to have some Benefits here and here's the schedule Monday through Friday regular schedule They're also going to have some bonus Pay in here all right so if you have This experience they don't say anything About a degree so I don't think there's A degree required just a little bit of Customer service experience they're Offering both full-time or part-time

Work so if you're a stay-at-home mom or You're someone that just wants to maybe Work part-time or on the weekends this Might be a good fit for you so I'm going To go ahead and put the link in the Instructions down in the description for You so you can find that job and I'll See you in the next one

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