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Hello and welcome back for another job Lead this is of course another work from Home full-time remote roll 1923 per hour Through Ultimate Medical Academy Admissions representative so absolutely Loved that and I want to go ahead and State something about how to apply you Can actually apply directly on their Website and I'm going to get to those Details at the end of the video so stick Around for that you're still going to go Through the link on my website but it Actually is going to be a different link Than what I'm showing you so just stay Tuned and keep watching and I'll explain It all when we get there so they are Looking for an online admissions rep for The Ultimate Medical Academy the purpose Of the position is to be responsible for Meeting clearly defined metrics and Performance levels in a dynamic work Environment you can read about their Non-profit Healthcare educational Institution more here let's get into the Meat and potatoes this is a bonus lead Because it is only for Florida Ohio and Arizona so do keep keep that in mind and Obviously these are the benefits 1923 Pay medical dental vision Life Insurance Employee assistance long and short-term Disability supplemental insurance as Critical illness accident and hospital Is offered PTO holidays off 401K pet Insurance and identity theft and the key

Responsibilities are here You are essentially following the Criteria for all prospective students Contacting potential students utilizing The most appropriate method conduct Interviews serve as the liaison conduct Or contact graduates previously canceled Students use interaction client to Efficiently efficiently respond I can Never speak you're also going to Evaluate prospective students based on Their needs complete and maintain the Paperwork Etc there's so much hair you want to Demonstrate the knowledge of and Carefully follow the applicable federal And state compliance and effectively Communicate the compliance requirements To the students and other staff what They are looking for is for you to Obviously upgrade time management you Can work effectively you want to grow You're customer Centric support Diversity uphold compliance with a high School diploma only or GED equivalent And a minimum of two years previous Experience in Education customer service Sales or a related field now they would Prefer an associate's degree or higher You don't need it however three years of Direct sales customer service experience Also preferred not needed and typing Skills of 40 plus words per minute if You ever have any of these definitely

Bring them up or put them on your resume Or your cover letter so people are able To go through your resume and kind of You know pick out those things in you And it might help your chances of Getting hired there's more here you can Keep reading there's just so much to Read now when you go to the bottom of This posting this is what I love you can See the original job on my website in The description box below but it just Hops you right into the application here So if you guys don't see this page this Is because I wanted to obviously read Out to you the key points of the job but Where you guys apply it's going to be on This page so if this page pops out don't Be alarmed they are connected so if you Want to get to this application page you Can find the link in the description box Below like I said if this one wasn't for You on your screen or two other videos I've posted check those out you might Find a better match for yourself there Click my face on the screen to subscribe So you never miss an upload and I will Talk to you in my next video bye

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