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[Music] Foreign Welcome back I hope everybody's doing Good today I'm doing great and today I'm Coming to you guys with three work from Home jobs paying over 18 an hour one of These jobs has a pay of up to 36 dollars An hour and these are going to be Customer service jobs they each have Different levels of experience and Things that they're looking for so we're Going to go ahead and get into the Details you already know all the links To the jobs will be in the description Bar for you okay so let's go ahead and Talk about the first job and it's going To be with the company Apollo Med they Are physician-centric technology-powered Risk-bearing health care company okay so Let's go ahead and talk about their job Which is going to be the member service Representative and with this job right Here this one is going to pay between 18 And 36 dollars an hour okay so if you're Someone that has a lot of customer Service experience like 10 years plus You can probably get the higher end of This pay on this job okay gonna be Answering all daily telephone calls from Members providers Health Plans Insurance Brokers collection agents and hospitals And you're going to collect the listed Information from Member providers Including the problem or concerns and

Provide General status information You're going to also verify Authorization claims eligibility and Status only you're going to make sure You're carefully documenting all the Calls into the customer service module You're going to also assist the Supervisor and manager with other duties And member Outreach Communications via Mail or telephone as well and you're Going to assist member appointment with Providers maintain confidentiality Outreach project assignments and also Specialist terminations notifications Sent to members as well for the minimum Qualifications they just want you to Have a high school diploma or GED Experience using Microsoft applications Such as word excel and Outlook Experience working in customer service One-year related experience and or Training or equivalent combination of Education and experience so it will be a Plus if you have previous work Experience working in a healthcare Setting and if you're bilingual in Mandarin Cantonese or Spanish you're Going to get benefits with this job it Is based remotely in the U.S and again You're going to earn between 18 to 36 Dollars an hour okay so let's go ahead And get into the next job this one is Coming from the company club champion And Club Champion is a trusted Golf Club

Fitting expert they have locations in Every major golf Market Nationwide and They're currently looking for a customer Experience specialist this job is going To have a starting pay of 18 an hour so Let's get into the details of this one Of course you already know you're going To be providing exceptional customer Service this is going to be via phone And email and you're going to schedule Customer appointments for all Club Champion locations nationwide you're Going to provide phone support to Prospects and customers for all Club Champion locations nationwide with focus On new customer acquisition and current Customer support and you're going to Also maintain customer accounts and Records of customer interactions with Details of inquiries complaints or Comments and you're going to collect key Customer data and record notes Accurately you're gonna also collect and Enter orders for new or additional Products or services and support Internal departments as needed this shop Right here is looking for a minimum of One to two years experience in a Customer service environment and they Also want you to have experience with Salesforce that's preferred and Extremely organized and be able to work In a fast-paced environment they're not Mentioning that they're providing the

Equipment they're just telling you what Type of equipment you would need again This job is going to start at 18 an hour They may ultimately pay more or less Than the posted rate and the range may Be modified in the future okay let's Move on to the next company and this is Going to be with the company Brooks They're looking for a customer service Specialist so this is going to be in the Retail area so if you have any retail Experience definitely check this one out So a little bit more about Brooks they Do make shoes and apparel and they are Looking for this customer service Specialist and with this job right here You're going to be communicating with Internal and external customers via Phone email and other communication Channels of course you're going to be Providing timely responses you're going To be providing product pricing and Availability quotes and you're going to Complete all facets of order management Including placing new orders revising Existing orders processing returns and Managing future product reservations Providing updates and other tasks also You're going to assess and combine Information from multiple systems to Provide order details and analyze Problems when they occur and you do need To understand the science and technology Behind Brook's performance gear to

Enable product conversations you're Going to need to manage your time Effectively use daily reporting to Manage orders in your territory and Monitor customer orders and provide Sales and retailers with the needed Updates you can also work with credit to Resolve invoicing errors and with this Job right here they would prefer if you Had an associate's degree or equivalent Experience one plus years of customer Service experience is preferred so it's Not required knowledge of athletic Footwear Athletic Apparel and sports Bras is preferred and strong Interpersonal skills be proficient in Microsoft Word accurate in typing proven Ability to work effectively ability to Work in a fast-paced environment so if You're located within 35 miles of Seattle the pay is going to be twenty Dollars an hour the pay is 18 an hour For all other locations and they do have Benefits and the other jobs have Benefits as well okay so yeah if you Guys are interested in any of these jobs Definitely check out the links in the Description bar if you guys have any Questions or any comments you already Know you can leave those below and as Usual I thank you guys so much for Watching I'll see you in my next video And good luck to everyone who applies For the jobs

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