$18 Hour OVERNIGHT Work From Home Job | Computer Equipment Provided | No Degree Needed | Help Desk

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Welcome back my friends this is Lindsay And I have another work from home job For you today this one is going to be For those of you who want to work the Overnight third shift hours for whatever Reason also they are providing the Computer equipment for you you just have To have internet access so this is also Going to be for those of you who don't Have a computer or equipment where you Can work from home to get into the work From home field you get to working Making money you can save up and buy Your own equipment and then move on to a Different job as always at the links if You're interested in applying are in the YouTube description box below this video But today's job lead is from the company Lidos now they are hiring a help desk Agent for third shift and this is for my United States folks only and this school Is going to be a phone based customer Service role but Lino's is in the Technology field and they are looking For some one or two answer help desk Phone calls you'll answer you'll provide Phone support to users in areas of email Directories standard Windows desktop Applications and applications developed Under the contract of a predecessors You'll serve as the internal point of Contact for troubleshooting hardware and PC issues for the internal employees You'll address support requests received

Over the phone or through email and Web-based systems so you'll be working Through a lot of different mediums You'll provide a single identified point Of contact for the help desk and change Requests Services you'll develop Maintain and execute all help desk Operating procedures so you are just the Contact person when anyone can't figure Out how to work whatever technology they Are trying to work you are the point Person that is going to guide them and Help them now they do not require any Kind of a college degree for this Position just a high school diploma with One year experience of course you have To have strong communication skills Strong computer skills and be a U.S Citizen now they do ask that you be able To adhere to their training schedule They're going to pay 18 an hour you will Be working the overnight third shift You'll need to be able to start your Actual work shift between 10 pm and 11 Pm Central Standard Time and then work An eight and a half hour shift that's Eight hours of work and a 30 minute Break but for training they're going to Ask you to be available for the first One to two weeks a Monday through Friday Where you can work with an actual Trainer 8 AM to 4 30 PM Central Standard Time and of course this is a paid Training now it does say they provide

You a laptop Mouse two monitors and a Keyboard and on the top of the pay and Computer equipment they also offer a Standard benefit package including Health dental vision 401k and paid time Off all right if this job lead was not For you that is absolutely okay please Feel free to leave anything you're Looking for in the comments also leave What kind of shift you're looking for Are you looking for at daytime Monday Through Friday are you looking for Evening shifts or weekends what have you Let me know down below thank you so so Much for watching and supporting me and I'll be back really really soon with More work from home job leads just for You

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