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[Music] Foreign [Music] Welcome back I hope everybody's doing Good today I'm doing great and you Already know why I'm here I'm bringing You guys another job today and this one Is going to be coming from the company True Canyon Okay and they're currently Looking for a customer support Specialist this is an overnight job it's Been quite some time since I featured an Overnight job on the channel so I Definitely want to go ahead and bring This to you guys today so we're gonna go Ahead and get straight into the details With this job right here you're going to Be providing an exceptional experience For current true opinion members through Inbound phone calls chat and email in a Remote or hybrid call center environment So this job would be hybrid if you lived In Seattle if you don't live in Seattle You don't have to worry about that this Is going to be a fully remote job for You you're going to handle sensitive Emotionally charged situations with Empathy and care you're going to utilize Multiple systems simultaneously and Adapt to changes in procedure in a high Growth environment so they want you to Have two plus years of experience and High volume high level customer service Experience working an overnight shift

And call center experience as a plus Experience using and learning complex Computer systems now if you're fluent in English or Spanish that's a plus okay as Far as your schedule during training you Will be working Monday through Friday From 8 AM to 5 p.m that's going to be Pacific Standard Time definitely adjust That to your time zone to see if that Meets your needs and you will need to Have hardwired internet this position Requires working both weekend days with Shifts between the hours of 6 pm and 6 A.m Pacific Standard time you will get 22 an hour with this job and you'll get An extra dollar if you're fluent in Spanish or French you're going to also Get benefits you're going to get medical Dental and vision they also have free Medical health insurance for your pet PTO and the other benefits there okay so Let's look at the application doesn't Look to be too long of course if you're Interested in applying you'll find the Link in the description bar leave any Questions or comments below good luck to Everyone who applies and I'll see you Guys in my next video

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