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Foreign And happy Wednesday if you’re new here My name is Valerie and this is the work From home project where we post hot more Job leads every single day go ahead and Make sure you’re subscribed to my Channel and have your notifications Turned on because the jobs I post about Go really really fast you guys seem to Be loving those data entry job Opportunities so today we’ll be talking About two non-phone data entry jobs that Both do not require much experience or a College degree the first data entry job Today is with the company halcon and Halcon is a leader in providing high Quality customizable Workforce Transportation services at a reasonable Cost they’re looking to hire a work from Home data entry specialist to process Their subcontractor vouchers let’s jump Into more of your key responsibilities So you’ll be quickly and accurately Keying in data from business partner Vouchers reviewing the vouchers to Ensure amounts are accurate can Confirming the vouchers are correctly Completed containing all information Required and coordinating with business Partners to ensure all vouchers have Been received and billing issues are Resolved you’ll also ensure that the Vouchers are stored properly in their Electronic document storage system they

Have very minimal qualifications and Experience required for this role so They want you to have good typing skills Customer service aptitude as well as a High school diploma or equivalent if you Have six months to one year experience In data processing make sure to Highlight that on your resume and if you Have a dispatch experience as well make Sure to list that to help you stand out They’re also looking for you to have Strong administrative and computer Skills a great attention to detail quick And accurate data entry skills as well As good communication skills with the Ability to clearly and concisely respond To inquiries and halcon is paying 16 an Hour for this role let’s jump into our Next job which is for the company ABC Legal ABC legal files and serves a Hundred and twenty five thousand Lawsuits every month largely paperless And with absolute transparency ABC legal Is looking to hire a data entry Specialist to work 20 hours a week this Is a work from home position and you Will be reviewing and filing legal Documents utilizing online platforms and Tools developed by ABC legal you’ll be Working closely with the e-fulfillment And e-filing team to collaborate on Projects and resolve issues as they Arise and like I mentioned this is a 100 Remote and permanent position and you

Also have a flexible schedule so this Can be done at any time you want let’s Jump into some of your key Responsibilities you’ll be reviewing and Filing legal documents using their Internal systems and email participating In ongoing training to expand your Knowledge of industry and processes You’ll investigate discrepancies as they Arise and complete additional projects As they’re assigned to you again their Qualifications are very minimal no Experience is necessary if you do have Data entry experience that’s a plus They’re looking for you to have a high School diploma or GED the ability to Perform repetitive tasks with accuracy And exceptional attention to detail the Desire to be a team player experience With Microsoft Office and a typing speed Of at least 60 words per minute now it Does not list the pay rate for this Physician on the job listing but due to My research you can expect to earn about 18 an hour working as a data entry Specialist with ABC legal I’m going to Be posting the link to both of these Jobs in the description below and I want To thank you guys so much for watching Today’s video go ahead and make sure You’re subscribed and have your Notifications turned on for tomorrow’s Job leads and be sure to check out my Other playlists for more non-phone jobs

Always hiring jobs and skip the Interview jobs as always I wish you so Much luck in your hunt for the perfect Remote job and I will see you next time

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