How to Grow Astragalus Plant | Fountain of Youth (Telomeres)

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Africa at work and grow off grid control Your own workday control your own food Become self-sustaining prepping for Off-grid living the easiest way to Control a population as to control the Food source work from home grow your own Foods medicines from cabbage to cannabis Spinach to shrooms today we're learning About extend lifespan grow your Telomeres how to grow the astragalus Plant So today We're going to be planning Trying to get this lighting right See so you can see it Is that good No Okay There we go So we're going to be planning this Regular C this right here plant is very Good for putting nitrogen in your soil So you can actually use this as a cover Plant but it's a lot more than that so Before we get started there's a story Behind it it started out with a billy Carson video which is in the link this Video led to researching telomeres which Then led to the astragalus plant The link to this study is in the Description this study showed a link Between telomere shortening found in Aging people It shows the extract of astragalus is

Known to stimulate telomerase activity After learning this we took to our Favorite online store Amazon and located These supplements A cost of 600 U.S dollars understanding That most drugs and supplements come From the plant we decided to see what Was in this 600 pill You guessed it astragulus let's get Started growing some astragalus Okay so let's get started growing some Australis so I have my pot here And it's filled up to the rim however I Did not label it So let's get a label on it Draculous Foreign Maybe four of these in my garden in each Section of the garden since the roots of It Um Produce nitrogen for your soil And this is a good plan they say that The roots you can you can't use the Roots for at least two years so I want To have enough of these around that will Be on our property For my grandkids and great-grandkids and So forth So that's what it looks like now these Um I suggest That if you want to plant these seeds Before it gets really wide known what

These seeds are and the benefits of These seeds you go and get you some and Store them or start planting them Because just like we have a shortage of Eggs we can easily have a shortage of These for no reason at all Okay So I have my soil here I'm gonna pour some out in my hand I'm gonna pour enough so that if some of Them don't germinate you know we'll Still have it enough So this here is what the seeds look like So I'm basically going to sprinkle them Around instead of reading the package You know I never read the packages Until they don't germinate and then I'll Go back and I'll read the package Okay So we have them in there And then we basically are just Lightly Dampen the soil You're going to keep this soil nice and Damp While this is germinated I'll go in and I'll Water this every day So we have our soil Which is nice and damp Let's find A piece of Saran Wrap here And want to make sure the heat stays in This here So we're gonna

I'm gonna wrap this up To keep the humidity and the heat in There As best as I can if you turn off a piece Of tape here This is Gorilla Tape I use that for Pretty much everything In fact when I was building my makeshift Garden outside I went heavy on the Gorilla Tape So basically here we are this It's over here and put this in my tent Under the light Humidity in there So I hope you consider growing some Astragalus plants please like And Subscribe thank you

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