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Hey hey two chicks fam it's me Carl and I am back with a non phone part-time Chat job for 1-800 Contacts make sure You guys subscribe like and share Because on this channel not only do we Talk about legit work from home jobs but Guys we also give away laptops and if You want a brand new laptop for free be Sure to take my video go post it on your Social media platforms Facebook Snapchat Instagram don't forget to come back and Leave us a comment now we have been Dropping these work when you want videos If you have missed them please go back And check those out for those of you That are looking for a part-time no Experience non-phone no interview a lot Of these work when you once fit into That category or those categories so be Sure to go back and check those out also Guys don't forget to let us know in the Comments what type of work from home job Or side hustle you guys are looking for And be sure to click on on that link and Sign up for Branded surveys let's jump Into the video so again the company is 1-800 Contacts they are looking to feel This customer service associate chat Position so it says that the chat Associate is a role for passionate Individuals that desire to interact with Customers through chat and email now 1-800 Contacts provides a great place to Work while focusing on the customer

Experience and the lives of those that Help them you will be the face of the Company dealing directly with the Customers answering their questions and Also their concerns now it says here That the start date is May 15th so guys Hurry up and get those applications in Now the drawback to this one they are Stay specific when you go on their page Scroll down to the bottom and you will Be able to see the states where you see The application form so it says that the Training is three weeks full or Part-time but I just put put part-time On the thumbnail because I know a lot of People here are looking for a part-time Work fifteen dollars per hour the shifts Go between 11 A.M to 11 p.m you are Required a Saturday or a Sunday shift Each week you will be answering two to Three incoming chats using live engaged Live person those platforms reply to Incoming emails or MMS for customers Consult the customers on the best value For their contact lens purchase provide Top-notch customer service and a Fast-paced environment deliver solutions To customers in a way that creates a Positive experience maintain high Performance metrics including Quality Sales and dependability you must be able To problem solve and think fast keeping The customer and the company in mind now Why we will love you if you have a high

School diploma GED you have great typing Computer skills at least 35 words per Minute and that is not lot if you do not Have 35 words per minute be sure to go Over to this website it is absolutely Free and you guys can utilize it 24 7. It is typingtest.com and you can Practice practice practice hustle and Tireless work ethic self-starter driven Motivated proactive and disciplined Ability to multitask and prioritize at The same time be Innovative and think on The Fly previous experience and customer Service and sales experience that is Just a plus if you don't have it guys Don't worry about it so you really don't Need a lot of experience to apply for This job they do have humble hungry Smart technical aptitude resourceful Self-motivated collaborative and they do Offer some perks free eye exams for your Entire family deep discounts on lens Glasses and other services amazing HealthCare coverage tuition Reimbursement 401K exposure training Also career passing and internal Internships which is great so again the Company is 1 800 Contacts this is a Non-phone chat job and you can work Part-time the starting date is coming up May the 15th to 2023 they do have the Training at three weeks fifteen dollars Per hour and again guys it states that It can be full-time or part-time but you

Probably would have to put that on your Application don't forget they are stay Specific make sure you guys go over to Google do some research about the Company just in case you get an Interview you would want to be prepared And not surprised so jot down any Important information that you think may Help you guys during the interview don't Forget to share my video somebody out There guys is looking for a non-phone Chat job such as this one and you really Don't need experience to apply for this Job also guys don't forget to look under The video in the description box and get Hit the link to apply and check it out Also hop on over to Facebook make sure You join us kiss that cubicle goodbye Follow the two chicks with the side Hustle the Facebook business page also Guys don't forget about Twitter and Don't forget about Instagram two chicks With the side hustle because guys we are Doing laptop giveaways this year like Crazy so we're giving away 10 on the Channel two on the Facebook business Page one to the Facebook group but that Number could change at any given time so Make sure that you just take the Information share it with a friend let Your friends and family members know What we are all about on this YouTube Channel and don't forget to also let Them know guys that we give away laptops

And we have had 12 winners so far on This YouTube channel my name is Carl Make sure you guys come back and leave Us a comment though so that we can put Your name on the next giveaway list and I'll catch you guys in the next video yo Bye YouTube [Music]

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