GODADDY Hiring Remote Work From Home With Estimated Salary $942 Week Doing Website Tech Support

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Welcome back my YouTube friends and Family this is Lindsay and I am back With another work from home job lead I've realized that not everyone wants Non-phone or health care or data injury So I have something for those of you who Don't mind being on the phones in the Customer support kind of field and are More techy the company GoDaddy is hiring Website tech support sales now this is Remote within the United States please Note they state in their job description This is a fully remote role and it's Only open to certain States those states Are Alabama Arkansas Connecticut Florida Georgia Idaho Illinois Indiana Hawaii Iowa Kansas Kentucky Maine Maryland Michigan Missouri Nebraska Nevada New Mexico North Carolina Ohio Oklahoma Pennsylvania South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington Wisconsin and Wyoming so if You live in one of those States this Might just be for you but they are Looking for someone to join their Website and security sales team to help Support Consultants assist their Customers you'll be a part of a team of Dedicated sales and support agents Geared towards ensuring all of their Hosting customers get the product Suite That they need at the right time every Time you will provide assistance to Those customers for purchases any

Technical issues they're having with Their hosting of packages and other General questions and concerns while Maintaining a positive customer Experience you'll thoroughly review all The customer accounts to seek sales Opportunities and help them be more Successful you'll look to see if there's Opportunity for them to upgrade their Hosting services or add-on additional Products that would help them in their Journey they don't require any kind of a Degree they are looking for someone who Has the ability to meet sales quota Along with other performance metrics Someone who is open to developing their Sales skills someone who can work in an Ever-changing environment quick learning And good interpersonal skills they also Want somebody who's a multitasker and Has experience working with multiple Computer screens and workstations now of Course I will leave godaddy's Glassdoor Page down below also in the YouTube Description box if you want to do just a Little bit more research on their Reviews and the company but I did Research a little bit on a salary since Their job description did not listed and It looks like six people have submitted Their salary that work in tech support And it looks like the average salary is About 49 000 a year all right if this job lead

Was not for you that's okay please feel Free to leave in the comments anything Specific that you are looking for I'm Always reading those and keeping that in Mind when I am searching for things to Share thank you so much for watching and Supporting me and I'll be back really Really soon with more work from home job Leads just for you

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