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What's up two chicks fam happy Sunday It's me Carl I am back with another work From home video so we are getting ready To come on the live stream let us know In the comments what do you guys think We should talk about be sure to smash That red subscribe button turn on that Bell notification thumbs up these videos And make sure you share we are going to Give away 10 more laptop computers on This channel once we reach a hundred Thousand subscribers so tell a friend Invite your family members your friends To this live stream today guys and be Sure to leave us a comment down below Don't forget to go back check out all The videos that were posted on the Channel yesterday and today make sure You guys hop over to the two chicks with The side hustle.com blog look under the Spotlight job section apply for Omni Interactions and also tell us tell us is A non-phone skifty interview opportunity For you guys and make sure you guys sign Up for Branded surveys the link is in The comment section let's get into the Video so the company is called Ali and They are looking to feel their customer Care associate position as you guys can See here this position pays 23 dollars An hour they do include monthly Incentives also shifts differential pay Plus a 500 sign on a bonus which is a Great thing so I do see here competitive

Paid time off program with holiday and Flexible paid time off including time Off for volunteering and also for a Voting tuition reimbursement student Loan 529 educational assistant programs Are available now the drawback to this One they are stay specific you must be Located in Arkansas Delaware Georgia Illinois Michigan Pennsylvania or Utah And it does say a maximum of no more Than 60 miles from the following alley Site so these are the sites listed here So you can't live of no more than 60 Miles from the size somebody I'm pretty Sure lives in the city so you if you are Close to an alley site make sure you Apply for this work from home position For them so it says the work itself you Will deliver a world-class experience For Ali's customers during every Interaction provide personalized Customer service of the highest level by Establishing Rapport and presenting a Positive friendly attitude serve our Customers through the channel of their Preference such as inbound calls and Outbound calls now these are some skills That you guys will be bringing we're all About teaching the longer you work with Us the longer your list of skills is Going to get so let me repeat that again For the people in the back the longer You work with this company guys the Longer your list of skills is going to

Get which we all need skills in order to Land some of these work from home jobs So if you can get in with this company And get you some extra skills under your Your belt that is a fantastic thing that Said there are a few particular skills That will help you get off to a quicker Start a dedication to delivering Exceptional customer service you are a Helper people focused committed to Teamwork resolving issues efficiently And developing long-term relationships You bring a strong work ethic and sense Of urgency to complete the objectives Prior experience and customer service Financial Services or something similar A similar industry is preferred some Knowledge some knowledge a consumer Banking preferably servicing checking Debit card savings CDs IRA and Trust Accounts high school diploma or Equivalent required Associates of Bachelor's degree in Business Associates Or a bachelor's degree I'm sorry in Business related field preferred one to Two years of experience in customer Service or call center environment and In case you guys have not heard of Ali Valley Financial is the company that Finances business car loans now they Could do personal car loans as well I'm Not a hundred percent sure but I do know That they finance business car loans I'm Not sure if they also Finance maybe like

Mortgages or things like that or of that Sort not 100 sure about those but I do Know that they do Finance business car Loans now it says mandatory training so Guys when they say that you cannot miss Any training days if you know that you Have a vacation coming up some doctors Appointments you can discuss it with the Recruiter but a lot of times they do not Want you guys to miss any training days So this information guys for this Particular job alley Financial again They are looking to feel their customer Care associate position which pays 23 Dollars an hour and a 500 sign on bonus This is a full-time remote work from Home position and and they are stay Specific so be sure to check that first Before you apply for this job make sure You guys do your own research make sure You share this awesome video with your Friends family members invite your People to the live stream today also Drop us a comment down below after you Share the video so that we can put your Name on our giveaway list and then you Want to hop on over to Facebook join us Kiss that cubicle goodbye make sure you Guys follow us on our two chicks with The side hustle Facebook business page Because we are going to be giving away Two more laptop computers on that Platform as well so hop on over there Follow us you guys can start sharing or

Tagging your friends family members on The post make sure you guys follow us on Tick Tock Twitter and on Instagram Because on Instagram we are doing a Pop-up giveaway guys and this means that We're just gonna pop up over there and Give some stuff away I have no idea what The items are gonna be it could be a Walmart gift card it could be an Amazon Gift card it could be a cash app we Could be cash apping people we've done The cash app before so make sure you Guys hop on over there and follow us on Instagram two chicks with the side Hustle my name is Carl and I will catch You wonderful people in the next video Or on the live stream bye [Music]

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