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Hello welcome back to my channel and if It's your first time here welcome my Name is CeCe I post these videos daily To help you switch from an in-office job To a work from home role if you are Looking to also make that switch click That red subscribe button below so you Never miss an upload today I have a Remote customer service rep DIY online And software position with conduit and If you don't know what conduit is they Post actually a lot of different remote Roles so I suggest also just going over To their website and checking it out and Seeing what you can find but a little Bit about the company they deliver Mission critical services and solutions On behalf of Fortune 100 companies and Over 500 governments which is amazing This specific online and software Customer service role is work from home 16.50 an hour and training is Monday Through Friday there's plenty of growth Opportunities like I said they're Literally always hiring in so many Different spaces they are offering Health benefits for you and your family Medical dental vision that start on day One of your work PTO and shifts will be Assigned after training which may Include one or both weekend days within The hours of operations their hours of Operations are Central Standard Time 7 A.M to 12 a.m and so that is something

To keep in in mind you will have to go Ahead and translate that to whatever Your time zone is but a little bit about The role as a team member you'll help People every day by taking calls Actively listening to understand their Needs and answering their questions Here's a few questions you may receive As a customer service rep can you assist Me with installing an application do you Know how to update the current software I have I need help with the tax refund Can you insist or can you assist I'm Sorry but they do have training so Anything that comes at your way you will Be equipped to handle the Responsibilities would be Troubleshooting install and uninstall Updating so helping with the auto update In the manual update pre-sales you use In navigation calculation error check Username and password resetting Troubleshooting browser issues importing And printing refund status Federal Product usage how to navigate Etc as well as for State product usage So what they are looking for is someone With a year experience with technical Problem solving ability to successfully Complete the virtual training class Without missing a day so you need 100 Attendance excellent communication Skills 35 words per minute typing you Have to have this broadband internet

Access feed keyboarding and software Proficiency effectively multi-task a High school diploma a GED or a college Degree and you must have a flexible Schedule available to you know differ During Peak and non-peak periods and of Course they will do a background check And room inspection which is just Probably you showing the room you will Be working with so they can make sure That you have that quiet workspace so This is what you need to do to be Considered for the position apply for The role and provide your basic info Answer the pre-screen questions complete A typing test and then do a short Assessment it's around 20 minutes total And they talk a little bit more about it Here and then the following steps will Be given to you if you pass all that From a recruiter from someone on the Recruiting team so a little more of a Process here but you also get to do the Skipping the interview which is Phenomenal if you guys would like the Link to this role as well as to the Website job board that can be accessible On my website and that link is in the Description box below if this job was Not for you on your screen are two other Videos I've also posted check those out You might find a better match for Yourself there click my face on the Screen also to subscribe if you have not

Already so you never miss an upload and I will talk to you in my next video bye

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