$19 Hour Work From Home Job Researching & Processing Credit Card Chargebacks | No Degree Needed |USA

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TGIF happy Friday my friends this is Lindsay and we are rounding out the week With more work from home job leads now This job lead has been featured on this Channel before many months ago but Fubotv the streaming app if you have a Fire TV stick you should have seen it on Your TV they are hiring a charge back Specialist to work remote now this I Believe is only in the United States They do hire in India and at the top of This webpage they have a link for their Indian job openings but this one is for The United States the links if you're Interested in applying or getting to This page and checking out the other job Leads are in the YouTube description box Below this video but I thought I would Share this job lead with you because It's a little bit different than the Typical customer service or Health Care Roles that we have been seeing on all of The work from home a job channels here Lately this one has to do with finance And credit card chargebacks now a credit Card chargeback is when you call your Credit card company that you've used to Pay for a service or something and you Can't get a refund from the actual Company that you bought the product from And therefore you want to dispute the Charge with the credit card and they do A charge back they reverse the charge For you some people have fraud charges

As well but that is what this is doing You'll be researching and processing Those incoming credit card chargebacks Through their billing platform you'll Make sure that the chargebacks are Resolved in a timely accurate and Effective manner you'll be processing Fraud and dispute claims so both types Like I said you'll provide evidence when The Merchant's request for information Before it becomes a chargeback so you'll Provide the in-depth research and Investigation into the transactions of Fraud or dispute to the claims and of Course you'll have the ability to Escalate higher issues up to supervisors Now it does State this is not a customer Facing role you'll be required to Collaborate across different teams Within the fubotv Departments they do Not require any kind of college degree No degree in finance is needed they are Looking for someone who has strong Analytical skills and the ability to Work accurately with billing Transactions someone who has Administrative experience someone who Can communicate effectively in all forms Of communication someone who is Proficient at using a computer either Windows and Mac OS systems someone who Can work independently be punctual and Consistent attendance and of course you Need to know how to speak read and write

English and now they do ask that you be Flexible with your working hours and be Available to work different shifts Including weekends holidays and Emergency shifts now of course salaries Always dependent on location and Experience but the typical salary for This role is 19 an hour and they do Provide a standard benefit package that Includes health insurance 401K paid time Off of course they also provide you with A free premium of fubotv account all Right if this job lead was not for you That's okay please feel free to leave in The comments anything specific that You're looking for I'm always reading Those and keeping that in mind I want to Say thank you so so much for watching And supporting me and I'll be back Really really soon with more work from Home job leads just for you

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