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What's up two chicks fam happy Tuesday It's me Carl I am back with another work From home video but before I jump into It now if you guys are looking for the Non-phone jobs go over to the non Phoneworkathome.com blog make sure you Smash that red subscribe button turn on That Bell notification thumbs up these Videos and make sure you share on this Channel we do real giveaways and we are Giving away 10 more brand new laptop Computers they are absolutely free to You guys go spread the word tell a Friend be sure to come back leave us a Comment don't forget to go back check Out all the videos and I did drop some Beginner friendly videos on the channel Today make sure you guys check those out Hop over here to the two chicks blog Look under the spotlight job section be Sure to grab Omni interactions apply for That one today and make sure you let us Know in the comments what type of work From home job or side hustle you guys Are looking for this way we know what to Post on this channel and be sure to sign Up for Branded surveys we got some People here guys that make up to fifty Dollars off of this site a day the link Is down below in the comments let's get Into the video so I got this job from a Little birdie so a little birdie said That this company is hiring like crazy And the company is Post University now

The pay for this one it is not posted on Their website so I got all the details The pay is between 19 to 20 an hour and They will provide you guys with Equipment this is a full-time work from Home job so the company again is Post University they are currently accepting Applications for their admissions Advisors ADP online position so let's Scroll on down now In this position guys you are Responsible for a new student Recruitment regarding admission to the University's ground and online programs The candidates should be and strictly Sicily in strictly motivated I don't Even know their word student focused and Able to adapt to an ever-changing Environment the individual should also Possess excellent phone and time Management skills post university offers The options to work remotely in this Position I'm not sure if they are State Specific or not I did not see any states Listed where you just had to work and I'm scrolling and looking I didn't see That however that is where you guys come In so you want to make sure that you do Some research about the company just in Case you guys get an interview with this Company so let's scroll on down now I do See here That you will need an associate's degree You don't need a bachelor's degree to

Apply for this one but it does say Associate's degree is required Bachelor's degree if you have it that is Fine it says preferred an equivalent Combination of education and experience Can be substituted for a bachelor's Degree experience in higher education Admissions and or recruiting experience With a constitutive sales approach is Desired prior call center customer Service and or sales experience these Are pluses Superior relationship Building skills with the ability to Connect with students and colleagues This is required must work in a Collaborative team oriented environment Excellent interpersonal skills including A dynamic phone presence this is Required as well excellent PC skills and Proficiency in Microsoft Office internet Applications and the database software This is necessary you must be a Self-starter with excellent Organizational skills and the ability to To prioritize you also must possess the Flexibility to adapt to a changing and Dynamic environment must be able to work On the weekends and I didn't see any Hours listed and I was looking for that But I didn't see it posted on their Website so again the company is called Post University guys this is a full-time Work from home job you will need to have An associate's degree the pay is 19 to

20 an hour the company they will provide You guys with all of the equipment and You will need to be able to work on the Weekends that's what it says here now I'm not a hundred percent sure about the Weekends but I'm just reading from their Website so this one is posted over on The two chicks blog and there will be a Link right below the video in the Description box so you guys can check Out this company make sure you guys do Your own research make sure you share my Video leave me a comment down below and Then hop on over to Facebook and join Kiss the cubicle goodbye make sure you Guys follow us on our other social media Platforms we do have a two chicks with The side hustle Facebook business page Hop on over there guys follow us share The content we're going to give away two Additional laptop computers from that Platform so make sure you guys are over There make sure you are sharing it is Not too late we're trying to get to a Hundred thousand followers on that page Also make sure you follow us on Tick Tock Twitter and on Instagram two chicks With the side hustle we're trying to Build up these other platforms so make Sure you guys are following us and Sharing the content on Instagram there Will be another giveaway so we got a lot Of giveaways going on on all of these Different platforms make sure you're

Over there on Instagram we're doing a Pop-up giveaway between now and the end Of the year I have no idea what day We're gonna pop up but we're just gonna Pop up over there and give something Away don't know what it's gonna be just Yet but it could be another laptop could Be a desktop it could be a ring light or A keyboard and mouse pad it could be a Two chicks with the side hustle Sweatshirt or a t-shirt so you just Never know what we're going to pull out Of our hats just make sure you're Following us and stay tuned for that Giveaway my name is Carl and I will Catch you lovely wonderful amazing People in the next video Bye YouTube [Music]

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