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Hello hello it is that time of year Again where Intuit Turbo Tax starts Hiring for customer support wraps remote And tax season is upon us it's starting It's a new year I don't even want to Wrap up my taxes from last year because I already know I'm going to be paying in Money and I just hate to see it leave my Wallet y'all but I digress if you guys Are looking for a job this new year I Got you click that red subscribe button Below so I can help you leave that Office job and you can start working From the comfort of your own space so This is through Working Solutions and I'm going to skim through for the sake Of keeping the video brief anything I Missed please go back on your own time And review Um I just don't want to waste too much Time talking but you get to work from Home set your own schedule work when It's convenient for you gain experience In different Industries High pay rates And no hassle of commuting this is their Application process it'll do the Application you'll take assessments You'll access the portal and then you Will do a tech scan so have you ever Just wanted to skip the interview yeah I Love it the assessment acts as the Interview so no interview needed we love To see that and this seasonal contract Runs through April 18th so you have

Flexible schedule opportunities up until Then schedule anytime between 7 A.M to 11 pm Central Standard Time Monday Through Sunday weekend and weekdays are Available 19 per hour during Um a productive hour paid by the minute And then you have initially I want to Say okay 1560 to 1750 during the Non-peak times as well as 16 to 19 During hot peak times I'm not really Sure how they do their breakdown here I Guess it says 30 cents per talk minute 31 cents per talk minute bilingual with Added incentives for key client metrics They have their own rates essentially Let's just shoot High because I know you Guys are hard workers 19 per hour so you Need to be tech savvy self-motivated Friendly tone attention to detail Excellent written and verbal Communication and sincere desire to Assist the customer it's not looking Like you need a degree or even any kind Of experience which I love you do need These Tech and Equipment requirements I Do have an Amazon storefront so any Tech That you don't have I have some of the Best picks on Amazon you can get them Prime two days which is great that is Linked below but make sure you do have This right here now if this job Interests you suits you you want to Apply you can find that link in the Description box below if this one was

Not for you on your screen are two other Videos I've posted as well as a whole Playlist of work from home jobs on my Channel check those out you might find a Better match to apply to there or maybe You want to apply to all and just Diversify I got you Thank you guys so much for watching and I will talk to you in my next video bye

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