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Welcome back my friends this is Lindsay Coming back at you with more work from Home job leads and today we have two High paying job leads that are non-phone They don't require a degree they are Both from the same company so the Company authentic eight they have two Different positions open the first one Is a social media specialist now these Are both remote within the United States Only but this social media position it Is a entry level position for someone Who only has one to two years of Experience they are really looking for Someone to execute a social media Strategy across multiple platforms Including LinkedIn Twitter Instagram and Tick Tock you identify generate publish And share engaging content on a daily Basis you'll manage Corporate social Media accounts including organic post Engagements you'll also have to look at The analytics and do all the profile Maintenance you'll be communicating with Followers or responding to queries in a Timely manner and also monitoring those Online customer reviews you will also Have to work with graphic designers to Make sure that images and videos for Your post are complete so this does not Require any kind of college degree they Do want someone who's one to two years Experience in content social media or Digital marketing someone who is an

Excellent copywriter with strong grasp Of a grammar someone who is a very Organized a quick learner a self-starter And someone who can thrive in a Fast-paced environment now if that Sounds like something for you they are Paying 60 to 70 000 base salary for this Position of course they also offer Bonuses and equities based on your Performance on the top of that and they Do also provide basic benefits including Health insurance dental vision PTO 401K All the things now the same company if Social media is not your thing is hiring A digital marketing specialist for s SEO Web now this is an advanced position so They do want someone who has two to four Years experience but instead of dealing With all the social media accounts You'll be dealing with just one thing Which is their website they're looking For someone to manage the execution of Their website strategy you'll leave Content and functionality updates as Well as overall website Health you'll Optimize the performance to make sure That the pages are indexed in Google Search and you'll review reporting and Analytics and all the things you'll also Have to perform a technical upkeep on The website they are looking for someone Who's two to three years of hands-on Experience with SEO someone who has Experienced with the CMS of platforms

Google analytics and sem rush and all of The website tools so again someone who's A stealth self-starter and highly Organized now this one does pay more it Pays 90 to 100 000 a year plus bonus equities and then You get the benefit package as well all Right if you've made it to the end of This video I want to say thank you so so Much for watching and supporting me and I'll be back really really soon with More work from home job leads just for You

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