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Happy Saturday two chicks fam it's me Carl I am back with a non-phone work From home job but before I get into it If you guys are looking for more Non-phone jobs or one of those skip the Interview non-phone side hustles be sure To hop over here to our blog smash that Red subscribe button turn on that Bell Notification make sure you guys thumbs Up these videos and share them because On our Channel we do real giveaways and We are giving away 10 more brand new Laptop computers they are absolutely Free to you guys just make sure you go Spread the word tell a friend be sure to Come back leave us a comment down below Let us know in the comments what type of Work from home job or side hustle you Guys are looking for now I dropped a Beginner friendly part-time work from Home job on the channel last night so Make sure you guys go back check it out And apply and then hop over to the two Chicks with the blog Look under the spotlight job section be Sure to apply for Omni interactions this Is a part-time skip the interview work Whenever you want with weekly pay and Also tell us tell us is a non-phone skip The interview part-time opportunity and Don't forget to sign up for Branded Surveys the link is in the comments Let's get into it so the company has

Changed health care and we've talked About this company before any who they Are looking to hire people for their Payment representative to position so it Says here that change Healthcare is a Leading Healthcare technology company With a mission to inspire a Better Health Care system which is a great Thing you can work location this is Fully remote us I believe guys that they Are stay specific because I did see some States listed over on their website so Make sure you check that first before You fill out that application now it Says that the payment rep organizes Inpatient and outpatient claims for Electronic or hard copy mail and Forwards to appropriate third-party Payers may receive payment and prepare Payment for deposits and also forward to Appropriate financial institutions so You are posting payments rejections and Loas to accounts in making corrections To misapply payments review claims to Make sure that they pay your specific Billing requirements are met and Follow-ups on the billing determines and Applies appropriate adjustments you will Answer inquiries and update accounts as Necessary meet productivity standards as Outlined in client metrics identify any Issues or Trends and bring them to the Attention of management team work on Special Projects as assigned also other

Duties as assigned as well now the Requirements knowledge of the payment Posting process ability to meet position Metric goals or kpis high school diploma Or equivalent work experience now this Is what I see guys zero to two years of Work experience they do have some Preferred qualifications listed here but They are not required strong written Verbal communication skills must have Good attention to detail and accuracy Organized ability to multitask computer Literate works well with others so Guys These are the key words the strong Written and variable communication Skills the good attention to detail Accuracy organized ability to multitask Your computer literate and you are a Team player you get along with everybody And they do have some unique benefits Listed flexible work environments Ready Set go Career Development Center Volunteer days employee giving and Matching gift programs which is great I Think that is a fantastic thing for a Company to do so this one is posted on Our non-phone blog there will be a link Posted right below the video in the Description box so you guys can check Out this company and apply so again the Company is change Healthcare they're Looking to feel their payments rep or Representative to position so make sure You guys check this one out make sure

You do your own research make sure you Share my awesome video with your friends And family members put it on your social Media platform share it to your Instagram or Facebook or SnapChat or Tick Tock Pages let your people know What we do on this channel guys because We are trying to get rid of these last 10 laptops that we have so make sure you Guys go tell a friend spread the word be Sure to come back drop that comment Below hop over to Facebook join the Group join the group KISS that cubicle Goodbye make sure you guys follow us on Tick talk Twitter also on Instagram at Two chicks with the side hustle and we Do have a Facebook business page let me Throw that in there because we're going To do two laptops we're going to give Away two laptops over on our business Page on Facebook which is two chicks With the side hustle so be sure to Follow us start tagging your friends and Family members on that platform and Start sharing whatever we have posted Also make sure you guys follow us on Instagram we're doing a pop-up giveaway Over there my name is Carl I will catch You wonderful lovely amazing people in The next video bye Bye YouTube

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