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Foreign [Music] Welcome back to my channel I hope Everybody's doing good today I'm doing Great and I'm back with some more jobs For you guys so I'm gonna be coming to You guys with two jobs today you already Know the links will be in the Description bar for you to go ahead and Check out so you already know I don't Waste any time let's go ahead and get Straight into it the first job is going To be with the company branch and branch Is currently looking for a member Support specialist so this is going to Be a full-time job it's going to pay 22 Dollars an hour and this is in their Sales and service department and Basically with this job you're going to Be providing easy and low effort policy Servicing experiences to members via Inbound and outbound calls chat and Email and you're gonna need to Understand the member needs to ensure They have proper protection and present Additional options to fill coverage gaps As applicable you will be a root cause Problem Solver and you're going to Listen fully to understand each Individual situation you're going to Proactively assess issues that could Cause repeating interactions and be Knowledgeable and use resources to give Accurate information to their members

You're going to need to be available for Members and each other and serve as a Billing expert and help make the process Effortless for the member you will keep Detailed records of all member Interactions and serve as the first Level underwriting for all written Policies you're going to continually Provide feedback to the rest of the Branch team to make the member Experience better and you're going to be The face of Branch to their members Providing a delightful experience you're Going to know them meet them where they Are and be attentive to their needs so For this job right here you will need to Possess a Property and Casualty Insurance license so I'm not sure if They'll train you for that most of the Time companies will train you for that But they're not saying that you will Need to be able to handle a high volume Of inbound and outbound calls on a daily Basis and be tech savvy detail-oriented Organized flexible and adaptable you Will need to be curious thoughtful and Can think through and address various Problems and you do need to be able to Multitask and thrive in a fast-paced Environment they do have Perks with Their work from home jobs they are going To provide you with your work from home Setup and monthly internet and another Thing I notice is that they're going to

Cover up to one thousand dollars towards Your next vacation so they definitely Have some great benefits along with your Basic medical dental and vision from What I'm seeing the application process Doesn't look to be too long you guys Already know if you're interested in This job check that link out in the Description bar so let's move on to the Next job we're going to be talking about This job as a Microsoft customer success Specialist this is a Us remote job of Course this job is going to have a Minimum pay of 60k a year to a maximum Pay of 85k a year so some good pay there And with this job right here you will be Coordinating with Microsoft AES to Ensure onboarding customer Microsoft Agreements to the company is seamless And effortless on the customer's part You're going to ensure retention by Tracking set deliverables throughout the Life of an agreement and you're going to Be a resource to help advise customers On a routine basis about Microsoft Software programs or other related Services you're going to capitalize on Customers contracts by collaborating With the company's msae for pivots off The install base to identify other Microsoft and non-microsoft Opportunities you're going to partner With customers the Microsoft account Team and Shi account team to prioritize

And Plan customer engagements that Enhance Microsoft and non-microsoft Program utilization you will be Assisting with analyzing data to Identify upsell opportunities cross Sales or encapsulating services like Digital transformation Cloud migration Itam and others and you're going to Maintain a working knowledge of the core Microsoft 365 suite and Azure product Features and functionality and assists With analyzing data from the old 365 Optimization tool to help the customers Understand their utilization you'll be Conducting meetings through Microsoft Teams to communicate with customers and Internal team you will create track and Update all activities in the company CRM System so they need for you to have a Bachelor's degree or equivalent Experience a minimum of two years of Experience working with managing Products involving Microsoft software Licensing agreements software renewals And maintenance management Microsoft Specific experience is required and Understanding of Microsoft teams and or Microsoft 365 and Cloud options they Want you to be analytical be proficient In CRM proficient in Microsoft of course And have strong teamworkability they do Have some certifications that are Required there so definitely check those Out and make sure that you have those so

After you enter in your email you will Be able to assess their application so Of course if you're interested in Applying for this job or the other job You can find the links in the Description bar you guys know if you Have any questions or any comments you Can leave those below and as usual I Thank you guys so much for watching I'll See you in my next video and good luck To those who apply for the job

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