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Welcome back my friends and happy Good Friday and this is Lindsay and I am back With another work from home job lead for You we will keep today's video as short As possible so you can get on to Enjoying your holiday weekend if you are Celebrating today's job lead is from the Company the Hartford now the Hartford Deals in insurance and mutual funds and All kinds of different Insurance and Financial products they have over 3 000 Reviews on Glassdoor with a 4.0 out of 5 Star rating of course the links to Everything that I share are always in The YouTube description box below this Video The Hartford is hiring a group Benefit customer service rep now this is Remote for the United States and it Covers Eastern Standard Time Central Standard time Mountain Standard Time and Pacific Standard time zones so it Doesn't look like there are any estate Restrictions but this is going to be a Customer service a position so you'll be Answering phones and demonstrating the Ability to be tech savvy to assist Customers with website and Troubleshooting technical issues with Their group insurance benefits you'll Build rapport and maintain a positive Relationships with the customers so You'll be taking inbound phone calls and Using those active listening skills Understanding what the individual needs

And helping them out so you'll answer Benefit questions like their short-term Disability long-term disability life Insurance supplemental Life Products Safe Haven all of that and you'll help With the billing and administrative Questions as well now they are going to Provide a paid a training you'll be Assigned a training schedule but Training is approximately two weeks and It's any time between the hours of 8 AM To 8 PM Eastern Standard time they have Their different training shifts listed Above and they're looking for someone to Start and start training by June 5th of 2023. now they're looking for somebody Who is strong at technical Skills can you use a computer someone Who has the ability to empathize with The customer someone who has a Background in some kind of a customer Service the ability to work in a Fast-paced environment and great Communication and customer service Skills now you do need to know how to Use word excel PowerPoint all the things But this is a hundred percent remote Work from home position you are going to Have to have your own high-speed Internet but they are going to provide The computer for you now if customer Service is your thing and you don't mind That pay for this position of course is Dependent on location and experience but

Is anywhere from forty thousand six Hundred and eighty five dollars a year All the way up to 61 027 a year all right as always if this Job lead was not for you that's Absolutely okay please feel free to Leave anything specific that you're Looking for in the comments thank you so So much for watching and supporting me I Hope everyone has a fabulous fabulous a Weekend ahead and I'll be back really Really soon with more work from home job Leads just for you

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