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Good morning it's Suzanne today I have Two no interview no phone jobs with the Company Proofreadingservices.com now I do post This position every once in a while Because it's a really great high paying Work from home position and they Actually have two different career Options you can do an online Proofreading job or they also have an Option for an ESL tutor so I'm going to Show you both of these today and we'll Go into them the first one is a Proofreader you can do it either Full-time or part-time remotely they Hire part-time and full-time Proofreaders who demonstrate superlative Proofreading and editing skills and You're welcome to apply from any country So this one is open International and Some of the benefits are competitive pay Ranging between 19 to 46 dollars per Hour depending on turnaround time with The highest pay for the most urgent Deadlines flexible hours you can work When you want where you work anytime if You have a day a job and you need some Nighttime work to earn some extra money This is a great option for that if You're a stay-at-home mom and you want To be able to work when you don't have To when the kids are down taking a nap Or or whatever however your schedule Works that's what you can do as well and

Then great colleagues so here's how You're going to apply this is why you Have no interview with this job because You're actually going to take a proof Reading test and I'm going to walk Through step by step with you exactly How this is done so if you're interested In becoming a proofreader you're going To complete the 20-minute preliminary Test below if you have a learning Difference and need additional Accommodations you can email them at This email now I'm not going to take the Test but I'm going to show you what it Looks like to take the test and this is A time test the minute you hit apply to Be an online proofreader it takes you to This test and it starts the timer Immediately and if you click out there's A certain amount of time I don't know if It's days or weeks before you can go Back in and retake that test test so Make sure that you're ready to take that Test as soon as you click on that link All right so this is what it looks like You can see the timer up in the upper Right hand corner there I started it at 20 minutes and when I took this Screenshot it was about five seconds in So this is what the test looks like it's A 20 minute test they anticipate it will Take you 10 to 15 minutes to complete You're going to start by entering your First and last name email city state and

Kingdom oh sorry not Kingdom uh country And then you're going to get this list Of multiple choice questions these are Some examples of the questions that are On the test and I've gone to this test a Couple times and it looks like they do Have the same questions every single Time so if you take this test once and You can maybe get some screenshots or Things like that you can go back you can Find the answers and then you can go Back and take the test and so this is What they all look like I'll let you Take a look at those they're also going To have you do a three to four sentence Writing sample and it says you listed Your city above what should someone who Is considering moving to your city know Be specific so they're using this as an Opportunity to show off your writing Skills they're going to be checking your Grammar and things like that with Writing it says in addition to my Writing sample being evaluated for Grammar and similar issues I would like To help people by voluntary contributing To a global project catling cities I Don't know if that helps you get a job Or not so Check Yes or No depending on How you feel about that all right so the Second work from home job with them is An online English tutor they have Part-time remote positions available They do not list the pay on this one I

Imagine it's going to be less than the Proofreading job but it says we hire Part-time tutors with a proven Commitment to Excellence they're looking For ESL tutors from any country with English tutoring experience in One-on-one settings with experience Designing their own curricula who are Honest and patient who are comfortable In front of a camera who are experienced With a combination of Skype Google Hangouts and WhatsApp and who are Confident about the quality of their Services and willing to honor their Money back guarantee here are some of The benefits working for Proofreadingservices.com competitive pay Flexible hours Great client Relationships and this is what it looks Like when you go to apply to be an Online ESL tutor if you're interested Please send an email to tutoring jobs at Proofreadingservices.com with the Following information part A the subject Your name English tutor application fill In the brackets so make sure that you Type this in exactly the way you're Supposed to they're looking to see if You can follow instructions Part B Please provide numbered responses to the Following questions within the body of Your email so you're going to answer all These questions in your email what Formal English teaching or tutoring do

You have what informal teaching or Tutoring do you have have you helped Students prepare for English exams if so Which exams what country do you Currently live in what time zone do you Live in what is your level of English Proficiency what else should we know About you and then part C when you Contact us please begin the body of your Email with quote Blue Sky to demonstrate That you've read these instructions so This is very important what they're Really trying to see here is are you Just winging this and just applying for Every job you see or are you actually Really interested in this job enough to Read their instructions so if you're Going to apply make sure that you put That in the body of your email please Attach your resume to the email as a PDF And then they'll get back to you if They're interested alright guys if You're interested in either of these two Positions I'm going to go ahead and put The instructions on how to apply down Below and otherwise I will see you in my Next video and have a great weekend

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