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If you're looking for a work from home Job that requires no interview resume or Talking on the phone today I have two Remote jobs to share with you Hey guys it's Suzanne and my first Remote work from home job that I have For you is a new job that's been posted On the proofreadingservices.com website Now I usually post jobs with Proofreadingservices.com about once a Month and this is a new one that they Added this is a ghost writing job and it Says they're always hiring now if you Love to write and help others tell their Stories if you're itching to write Engaging books on diverse topics join us Here at proofreadingservices.com as a Professional Ghost Writer where you'll Dive deep into your clients stories Memories feelings and thoughts and Exercise your creative juices to weave It all together into a captivating book For an eager audience to lap up so the Key responsibilities you're going to Interview the client to understand their Vision goals and personality use zoom to Connect with clients in in-person Meetings help the client identify the Most pertinent stories and antidotes for Their book compile the clients ideas Into flowing cohesive outlines flesh out The outline into a compelling narrative Adopt the client's voice so that the Book reads as if it were written by them

Fact check the client's material writing Write the manuscript based on client Approved outline in the adherence to the Agreed upon deadlines incorporate the Client's feedback in revising and Cooperate with editors proofreaders and Publishing experts to produce a finished Work other team members will take care Of the developmental editing copy Editing and proofreading so how much are You going to get paid for this job well They're going to pay you between 15 and 40 thousand dollars per ghost written Book depending on the book's length and The depth of the researching or Interviewing requirements so if you are A writer and this job seems good to you Then of course I'm going to put those Instructions to apply down below but Let's get to remote job number two now Job number two is a transcription Position with the company gmr Transcription now I do Post Transcription jobs on here from time to Time this is one of the better Transcription companies to work for they Have higher pay they have more Opportunities for jobs and I'm going to Go through here with you to show you Exactly how you can apply for these Positions the two main current job Openings are General transcription or Spanish transcription slash translators And certified translators now under the

General transcription role transcription Is going to be a variety of topics Including academic legal business and More you can create your own schedule And pick and choose how much work you Take from us no experience necessary or You can become a certified translator You must be certified or trained for That set your own rates and pick and Choose what assignment you take so that One gives you a little bit more freedom As to how much you charge but you have More experience in that area in order to Apply for that job so you're going to Hit click here to apply on either one of These so at the bottom here it says Please proceed if you are ready to work Hard meet strict deadlines have Exceptional English and grammar skills And can commit at least 10 hours per Week to gmr so if it's not for you you Click not for you if you're ready to Move forward you click I am ready for The commitment and hard work from there It's going to take you to their gmr Typing test it's one minute long and They need to make sure that you meet Their typing speed and accuracy Standards you must type at least 50 Words per minute with 90 accuracy or Better you will only have a few chances To take this short typist test if you're Not ready please return when you are so If you're ready to take that test you're

Going to type in your email there and You're going to hit start the test now This is why there's no interview because This test is going to be your gateway Into getting this position if you can Pass this typing test you'll be ready to Move forward to the next step in the Process now in this job there's no fees Or experience needed to get started all You need is a computer with high-speed Internet MS Office a foot pedal and Over-the-ear headphones no experience Required but you must pass a strict Transcription test they do not charge Any testing or registration fees to work With them you're also going to get work From home with flexibility you have the Freedom to work from home at your own Pace with the flexibility to pick and Choose which assignments you take Working as much or as little as you want Is entirely up to you and gmr is one of The highest rated transcription Companies on Glassdoor they typically Get four or five stars this is an Example of a review that someone left on Here and they are one of the higher Paying jobs so you can see here under Glassdoor they have the transcriptionist General transcriptionist and Spanish Transcriptionist roles and the pay Ranges between 15 and 22 dollars per Hour on their site they say their Transcriptionists and translators

Typically earn between one thousand and Three thousand per month depending on Their skills and the kind of work they Take for example a transcriptionist will Earn more if they're willing to take More difficult assignments or files with Expedited turnaround times as our Transcriptionists become more Experienced they start earning more Income for the same amount of time time They put in so if you're interested in Applying for either of these two Positions I'm going to go ahead and put The instructions to apply down in the Description for you I wish you the best Of luck and I'll see you guys in the Next video

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