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Foreign [Music] I hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday it's your favorite remote work Enthusiast Delilah and I am back with Another hot work from home opportunity That you can do at night and it comes From a new to this channel company so Y'all been looking for something at Night I've been trying to find you Something and I think you might enjoy This but I do have to go ahead and let All the folks who have an allergy you Know a special allergy to the phone this One isn't for you so if you don't have An allergy to the phone then you will Want to hear about this hot lead and We're gonna go ahead and get right on Into it right now make sure you have Those notifications on because I'm Dropping these hot leads and I want to Make sure you get your applications in So you got to be subscribed you gotta Have all notifications turned on and on That note we are ready to jump in All right so today's hot lead comes from A company called ethos Veterinary health And this is a system of hospitals for Animals if you go over to their Glassdoor account you can see that There's anywhere from a thousand and one To five thousand employees and they are In the health care services and Hospitals industry but they have a

Specialty in animals so they help by Providing specialty in emergency care For pets and the reviews are pretty good On this company now I was just browsing Through you know this is what their home Page looks like and I was like okay this Looks good let's see what y'all have you Know because it says they're hiring and When I was browsing through their Careers page and I was looking through You know the information they have all That looks good I saw that they have a Work from home customer liaison position So if you type in work from home you'll Be able to pull it up this is the Service center liaison position and You're going to be working in the call Center now I'll have the direct link in The description box because I was able To generate one when I click the share Job button but in case you want to go to It directly from the careers page that's How you get to it so let's jump into This lead and find out all about it Alright so jumping on in here this Opportunity is for the service center Liaison roll and this role is available For all the folks who live in the state So you can pause the screen you want to Make sure your state is there but it's Open for a lot of places including California New York and New Jersey which I know those places sometimes get left Out and by the way New Jersey check my

Shorts because I will have just posted a Short that works for you and it's a data Entry job had to just you know do that Little plug right there but anyway this Opportunity is available 24 7. and it Says that you will be working a rotating Shift preferably evenings so for Everybody who has been asking about more Night jobs okay this company tells you That they are looking for people to take On that night shift so this could be Your job now this opportunity lets us Know that it pays between 17 and 20 Dollars per hour if I'm going to be up At the wee hours of the night I'm gonna Need twenty dollars per hour so that's How much it pays so it says Massachusetts veterinary referral Hospital has immediate full-time Openings for highly motivated work from Home call center representatives for our Woburn Massachusetts location summary The call center representative is tasked With delivering Superior care for our Clients and referring veterinarians While developing relationships with the Hospital teams and joining this team you Will be part of ethos's Mission to Provide unsurpassed Veterinary Health Care to patients starting compensation For this position is based on experience And ranges between 17 to 20 dollars per Hour responsibilities provide Superior Service to clients and referring

Veterinarians through inbound and Outbound calls access the primary point Of contact for the hospitals and ensures All clients in referring veterinarians Needs are met in a professional and Empathetic manner access the front line For all emergency calls exercising a Calm and compassionate demeanor books Client appointments with accuracy and Efficiency accurately interprets ethos Protocols to provide solutions to Resolve all client and referring Veterinarians increase processes emails Transfers medical records and other Administrative tasks education license And job requirements high school diploma Or equivalent minimum one to two years Of call center or veterinarian client Care experience knowledge of word excel And outline is sufficient to perform all Routine tasks including email Document Preparation and worksheet preparation Flexibility to work a rotating shift Preferably evenings within a 24 7 365 a Year service center skills and Experience a team player with proven Experience to deliver outstanding Service within a high volume environment Up to 80 calls per shift excellent Interpersonal skills and an ability to Deal with emotionally charged client Scenarios sometimes in critical patient Situations a solid track record of Exceeding productivity and quality goals

Strong communication skills both written And oral good judgment and problem Solving skills and then it says that They're hiring in the following location So make sure your location is listed and Said thanks for reading our job posting And they are an equal opportunity Employer which means they don't Discriminate for a number of Legally Protected reasons so if you like this Sleeve to apply you could apply with LinkedIn or with indeed or you could Just do the the application right here And this is actually a really easy Breezy application so you just need your Name contact info okay attach a resume They don't even have a space for you to Put in your cover letter so for the Folks who don't like doing cover letters Hey this one's for you and then you Would just answer a couple of questions Make sure you're not a robot and then Submit application so this is probably One of the easiest applications I've Seen in a long while and this is a great Opportunity especially if you want to Work in the evening and since they are Open 24 7 365 you can also work other Shifts possibly you know it looks like They're looking for coverage for all Shifts so I would definitely get my Application in ASAP and one more thing Before we go Today is the day y'all if you are

Watching this as I post this today is The day of the free ready to work from Home Workshop we're going to be live at 7 30 and we're gonna get into multiple Things that will help you make working From home a reality in 2023 so we're Going to talk about the critical first Steps to do before you even apply okay There are some things that you got to do Before you even get to the application Process then we're going to talk about Your home office and how to be set up For Success everything you'll need then We're also going to talk about your Remote resume how you can improve it Immediately with some tips I'm going to Give you on this workshop and then we're Going to talk about how you can identify And avoid these online job scams out Here okay so this is really like your Work from home starter kit we're doing This on the workshop and all you need to Do is put in your name and email and hit Register so make sure you are there okay And if you happen to have missed the Workshop there might be a replay Link in The description box but you gotta just You know see if it is there you know Check it out but no guarantees so for All the folks who are ready to work from Home be there tonight at 7 30 because This is gonna be a good one and on that Note thank you guys so much for watching Make sure you get your application in

For this hot lead from ethos Veterinary Health and thank you so much for Watching and I will talk to you all soon Bye

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