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What's up two chicks fam Happy Thanksgiving so I am back with another Work from home video this one is a high Paying health care and you can live Anywhere in the USA but before I jump in If you are looking for the non-phone Jobs hop over to the blog and go through All of the posts it is make sure you Guys smash that red subscribe button Turn on that Bell notification make sure You thumbs up these videos and make sure You share we have 10 brand new laptop Computers we are trying to give them Away so make sure you guys go spread the Word binge watch some videos share like Crazy on today while you're eating that Turkey and that dressing be sure to come Back and leave us a comment don't forget To go back and check out the video that I posted on the channel earlier today Make sure you hop over here to the two Chicks blog look under the spotlight job Section apply for Omni interactions and Don't forget about branded surveys the Link is down Below in the comments let's Hop right on in so the company is the Mayo Clinic they are looking to feel The Client Solutions technical coordinator Lead position now it says here that as The lead you will be part of a team that Is a certified Center of Excellence Through Benchmark portal you will Provide high quality service in a high

Stress environment to a multi-site Enterprise that continues to evolve in Complexity you will be supporting the Following departments and they do have a List of departments here your working Environment will be fast paced and you Will have many shifting priorities you Will use your critical thinking skills To respond to a variety of technical Issues from clients patients laboratory Staff and Physicians via phone email web Messages chat fax or mail this includes But is not limited to making outbound Critical test results cancellations Revisions and incoming defects to Internal and external clientele you will Resolve technical problems obtaining Additional info at the request of the Laboratory to complete testing and Ensure patient safety and investigate New or unusual test requests you will Resolve a wide assortment of Hardware Software technical problems and Coordinate problem resolutions with Various departments and groups to Include off hours and weekend on-call Services now let's scroll on down guys So it says here the qualifications to Qualify for The Client Solutions Technical coordinator lead position you Must meet one of the three requirements Below bachelor's degree and it did not Say what type of bachelor's degree it Could be in business administrative or

Anything like that marketing it does not Say what it has to be in or if you have An associate degree five years of Relevant experience in dlmp MCL customer Service health care or help desk call Center that is required or you can have A high school diploma guys no degree or Equivalent seven years of relevant Experience in these following Fields so That is not bad at all now I do see here This position is 100 remote and you may Work from anywhere within the U.S so if You live in one of those hard to find Work from home states such as California New York New Jersey Ohio sometimes Connecticut Illinois Washington guys you Can apply for this position now I do see The compensation range is 23 to 34 Dollars an hour this information it is Posted on our two chicks blog there will Be a link posted right below this video In the description box so you guys can Apply for this position make sure you go Over to Google type in the Mayo Clinic Do some research about the company and I Cannot stress this enough just in case You get an interview you want to be Prepared and not surprise prize so if You decide to apply for this job get you A piece of paper and jot down what is This company all about when did this Company start maybe who started the Company maybe some of the doctors that Work for this company you just want to

Be prepared guys when if you get ever Get an interview with any company that We talk about make sure you guys share Like crazy on today I know you guys are Probably over there eating that turkey And dressing but make sure you share the Video or tell somebody over the Thanksgiving dinner about two chicks With the side hustle you never know Somebody in your family guys could be Looking for a legitimate work from home Job or side hustle be sure to come back Leave us a comment hop over to Facebook And join us kiss that cubicle goodbye Make sure you guys follow us on our Other social media platforms we have a Tick tock or Twitter and Instagram now We do have a Facebook business page guys And you want to follow us over there Because we're going to give away two Additional laptops absolutely free you Go over there follow us we're trying to Get to a hundred thousand followers on That platform all you got to do is share The content or tag your friends family Members on the post that is all you guys Have to do and we are going to pick two Lucky blessed winners off of that Platform to give away those laptops too And then on Instagram we're doing a Pop-up giveaway so guys if you don't win On the YouTube channel or the Facebook Business page you still have a chance to Win something go to Instagram follow us

Two chicks with a side hustle we don't Know yet what we're gonna give away it Could be a laptop it could be a desktop Guys it could be some money we have Known to we have been known to give away Cash apps before it could be a PayPal it Could be a hundred dollar amazon gift Card or a 50 Walmart gift card it could Be a keyboard and mouse pad so you never Know what we are going to pull out of Our hats and give away to you guys so You're following us over there make sure You share create us a real or something Put us in your stories tell a friend tag Some people on the post however you guys Want to do it that is totally up to you Guys my name is Carl and I hope you guys Enjoy your holiday bye YouTube

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