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Hello what is up welcome back to my Channel and if it's your first time here Welcome my name is CeCe I post these Leads daily to help you switch from an In-office job to a work from home remote Role today's role is through vxi hires They hire and staff customer care Support agents sorry I like stumbled Over my words and was trying to take a Breath what a mess but they have it just A work home questionnaire process so Right before you even get your interview This is all you have to fill out your First name last name email phone number Your state your computer how many years Experience can you do internet Connection have you ever been employed By them before and that is it and then They will reach out and contact you so As a customer care support agent you Will be the first point of contact for The customers to connect with four Questions and concerns and they rely on You to listen to the customer and use Your expertise to resolve these issues So Comfort convenience no hassle commute Fruit are all the reasons to work from Home this is still a professional role Now there's no way to pay on this screen Right so I went ahead and got an Estimate via their indeed page and as You can see here we're looking at Anywhere between 16 an hour to 20 per Hour there's kind of a range here so I

Mean some of these this one says 31 I'm Sorry not 31 1362. so it really does Just depend probably on your experience Where you're located Etc but we can look Up 220 per hour which is great so if you Would like just the link to this site so You can apply you can find that on my Website and that will be linked in the Description box below if this one wasn't For you on your screen or two other Videos check those out you might find More to apply to there or something Better for yourself click my face to Subscribe so you never miss a video and I will talk to you in my next one bye

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