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Hi everyone it’s Suzanne back with your Second work from home job lead this is a Sales and reservations agent with U-Haul Now if you’ve been here a while you know I post U-Haul from time to time because They’re always hiring off and on but They’re a great reputable company that Is always hiring remote and they here They have three and a half stars out of 6 000 reviews so definitely a Well-established company they’re going To pay up to twenty dollars per hour Depending on experience and they give You the physical location here however This does say it is a fully remote Position if you’re motivated enjoy a Fast-paced environment with the Opportunity to perform and sharpen your Skills in customer sales and support a Job as a U-Haul sales and reservations Agent maybe for you you’ll take Back-to-back incoming calls from Customers who will help who you will Help with U-Haul products and services So primarily this is what you’ll do Serve customers by quoting rental rates And earning new business through sales And cross selling provides support to Custom members with existing business Making changes to reservations answering General questions helping customers with Concerns and taking storage payments the Role may be a new career for you but the Initial education period is mapped out

They’re going to give you a four-week Fully paid comprehensive training Program virtually the instructor these Are instructor-led class discussions Hands-On education and e-learning Modules through their very own U-Haul University so that you’re going to get All the experience and training that you Need to do this job they’re currently Seeking a dedicated professional or Professionals to work remotely from home In customer sales and support with the Desire to work a full-time schedule so Here’s some more primary Responsibilities basically you’re going To be helping these customers with their Moving needs and making any kind of Reservations that they need so Experience they want you to have up to One year of customer service or sales Experience strong interpersonal Communication skills ability to Prioritize a multi-task successful Completion of a job related assessment They would like you to have an addition To that one year of customer service Experience in a fast-paced environment And six months experience frequently Communicating with customers by either Phone email chat or face to face so if You have all this it’s a very low bar You don’t need a degree you don’t need a Lot of experience and again U-Haul is a Great company so I’m going to put the

Link Down Below in the description for You if you’re interested and otherwise Guys if you’re new here’s my name is Suzanne and I post two to three work From home job leads every day make sure You subscribe hit that notification Bell If you’re looking for a work from home Job right now and I will be back Tomorrow guys

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