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Hello and welcome back or if it's your First time here welcome my name is CeCe I post these videos to help you switch From an office job to a work from home Role click that red subscribe button Below if you want more of that for free This company is transcription staff work From home earn money with transcription Jobs and this one I haven't seen before So I wanted to come and share it with You guys to kind of diversify and help You guys find the best transcription Place to work for so start making money In three easy steps you're going to Complete the form complete the Two-minute test and if successful your Account manager will contact you for Further details so no interview needed Skip that interview this role is also Great for introverts people who don't Want to talk to people on the phone Maybe you're shy maybe you've had enough There are so many different categories Of why this would be great so just note That it's independent work by yourself Not customer service based and that's What I love so you can work from home Get a flexible work schedule weekly PayPal payments twenty dollars and forty Cents per audio hour personal account Manager and you choose your own project So you'll apply right here we'll get Back to that you can read about their Values but you just complete at least

Two audio hours every week to keep your Account active of course if you want to Do more or less you are more than Welcome to do that twenty dollars and Forty cents per audio hour which is Amazing and you need a computer internet Connection and a headset those weekly Payments are going to go through PayPal And you just need a minimum of six Dollars your personal account managers Can support you seven days a week nine A.m to 5 PM which is great and you get To choose only the projects you are Interested in we do have some frequently Asked questions but I don't want to draw This video out so if you would like to Get to this page to apply and read more You can find that on my website and that Link will be accessible in the Description box below if this one was Not for you on your screen are two other Videos I've also posted check those out You might find a better match for Yourself there click my face to Subscribe so you never miss an upload And I will talk to you in my next video Bye

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