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Hey guys what's up welcome back to my Channel and if you're new hey for the First time my name is CeCe I post daily Work from home job lead videos side Hustles ways to help you make money on Your own terms and how to keep your Financial wealth that you've worked so Hard for so if any of that interests you I recommend you click that red subscribe Button below and let me help you guys Along your journey this first job today Is through Ashfield engage careers it is Based out of the US remote full time and It is a healthcare data entry specialist You all know I love these data entry Jobs because essentially you don't Really have to be talking on the phone Um with customers necessarily this one Unfortunately is going to be a phone one But I do try to seek as many no phone Needed jobs because I know a lot of you Guys part of the fun of working from Home is also not having to work with People in a customer service space so I Will keep them coming but I do want to Say up front you will be working with Client clients and people for this Specific role so I do apologize but what Is in it for you a temporary project With an opportunity to interview with Other teams internally so once your temp Project is over you will have easier and Faster access to promote within there's A competitive compensation generous

Performance driven incentive Compensation package and a competitive Environment with company-wide Recognition contest and covered or Coveted Awards so your key objectives Maintain excellent quality standards for All the client programs you are going to Add here to all company policies display Flexibility within the department Exhibit highly effective transcription And data entry skills Safeguard patient Privacy and confidentiality which Obviously is covered through HIPAA Manage day-to-day activities of patient And healthcare provider support requests Perform intake cases and capture all Relevant info ensure all support Requested is captured within the case Management system escalate com complex Cases ensure timely and accurately Processing accurately transcribe the Documents and maintain those excellent Quality standards what they are looking For you to have a high school diploma is Required a bachelor's degree or Equivalent work experience preferred you Do not need that excellent verbal Written and listening communication Skills a knowledge of reimbursement Mechanisms for medical and Pharmacy Benefits patient access processes Patient Assistance programs and Operational policies and processes is Preferred I recommend doing a quick

Google search doing a quick YouTube Search getting the basic knowledge about This so you just have the little Knowledge of it you don't you're not Fully educated in it but you have some Knowledge that will really go over well In an interview you need Proficiency in Reviewing intake documents thoroughly Proficiency with word in Excel Analytical thinking problem solving and Decision making and the ability to Multitask now there is no rate of pay Listed here there was one that I Captured from an external site that I Originally found this job from so I'll Go ahead and pop that on the screen so If you would like the link to apply to This job you can find that on my website And the link for that will be in the Description box below check that out if This one was not for you on your screen Our two other videos I've also posted Check those out you might find a better More perfect match for yourself there Click my face on the screen to subscribe So you never miss an upload and I will Talk to you in my next video bye

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