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Hello good morning welcome back to my Channel and if it's your first time here Welcome my name is CeCe I post job leads Daily to help you make a fast and easy Switch from an in-office job to a remote Work from home career so if that is your Vibe click that red subscribe button Below and let me help you get hired for Free this first job is a metadata Assistant through Samba TV it is remote In the product department and you'll be A us consultant which I found this to be Very interesting so they are on a Mission to fundamentally change Television viewing for everyone and you Can read a little more about the company I don't want to waste your time so let's Dive in individuals will be responsible For several data entry tasks which will Require everything from light video Editing tagging video data with metadata Attributes and following a period of Remote training of two to three weeks Candidates will be eligible for remote Shifts and 100 flexible scheduling with A mandatory meeting of one hour per week Now candidates in this specific Reno Tahoe Truckee area is preferred but you Can do this anywhere remote see Responsibilities perform all duties Related to the tagging of the video Content audit files and metadata entries For completion and proper organization Other tasks such as data entry

Cross-referencing retrieval organization And following the department procedures To complete tasks in a timely manner so We have that as well the requirements You must be 100 fluent in English and Spanish or German so that is something To keep in mind you need to be Confidential have strong attention to Detail and speed influency of basic PC Browser functions there was no rate of Pay listed for this specific role but I Did find one when I found this role so I'm going to go ahead and pop a Screenshot on the screen to give you Guys that estimate idea if you want the Link to apply for this job you can find It on my website and that will be in the Description box below if this one was Not for you on your screen are two other Videos I've also posted check those out You might find a better match for Yourself there click my face to Subscribe so you never miss an upload And I will talk to you in my next video Bye

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