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Happy Saturday everyone I am back with Another high paying job that I would Love to share with you you can make Twenty dollars per hour and this is a Part-time work from home job that offer Flexible jobs and you can work from home To date okay so I am start bringing high Paying jobs because I know you need that High paying job because you have extra Bills that you need to pay so I got you So we're gonna Um start I'm gonna start showing you High paying positions that are no Talking work from home job lead so I'm Going to share my screen here and we're Going to go over the job lead and Remember that you need to apply for These job as soon as possible because They go very quickly and I want you to Be able to get this job okay now we're Talking about the company great Assistant but Joe Rivera reached out to Me and he's looking for a virtual Assistant to work remotely okay so you Can either be in your 90 States or Canada to be eligible for any of their Open jobs position with great uh Assistant for those who don't know what Who is Joe Rivera he's a motivation Speaker he's a life coach and a gold Crusher who specialize in helping Business owners entrepreneurs high level Executive and leaders overcome assassin Lack of directions and loss of control

By providing a road map to their lives And achieving ultimate fulfillment okay So this is all about him now he is Seeking a virtual assistant you will be Responsible for maintaining social media Comments just like in YouTube when People comment you'll be responding to Their comments or Facebook or Tick Tock That is what you're going to be Responsible for and occasionally Uploading pre-existing content setting Up apartments from incoming leads Maintaining Joe's calendar booking his Trips responding to emails setting up His Landing stage creating maintaining Process and procedures creating a to-do List in a variety of other Administrative tasks that will help keep Joe stay on track and organized okay as Joe Administrative Assistant you will be A vinyl of this of this position and You're going to be part of the business In Joe's right-hand person this role Offered for potential for long-term Career growth within the company Including the opportunity to take on Additional responsibility in advance With the organization so to be Successful in this role He's looking for someone that has strong Communication and interpersonal skills Excellent organization in time Management skills ability to work Independently detail ordin positive

Attitude willingness to learn and grow With the business passionate dedicated And motivated committed to excellent Achieving goals tech savvy and quick to Pick up new tools and software and again You must be familiar with social media Business like Facebook Instagram Tick Tock and Linkedin Google spreadsheets Outlook Gmail you know Gmail is just Sending emails you know everybody should Have a Gmail account and that is really Easy Google spreadsheets Google it There's different videos that will show You how to do it if you're on Facebook You understand how to use Facebook Instagram Tick Tock LinkedIn you know How to do it if you don't know how to Use LinkedIn go in type in in the search Bar how to use LinkedIn and it's going To be a video that's going to walk you Through how to do that okay now again This is going to start off as a Part-time job where they want he wants You to work 15 to 20 hours per week and He plans to go grow up to 40 per hours Four dollars per week in the future Again offer flexible hours Mondays Through Friday from 9 A.M to 1 p.m Eastern Standard Time this is great for Our stay-at-home mom a retired e Um somebody is looking for a part-time Job this is for you being available in The mornings is preferred to get the day Started the pay rate position is 20 an

Hour now if you have a lot of experience You can always negotiate your salary you Can ask for more and they're looking for Someone to become a long-term three plus Years member of their team again This is a great opportunity he has Reached out to me Joe Rivera and he had Reached out to me because he know what I Do is I help people find remote jobs and He's looking for a virtual assistant so If you feel like you're a good fit for This position or if you know somebody That can benefit from this make sure you Share this information with them so they Can go ahead and make this money twenty Dollars an hour is a great opportunity If this is something that you want to do Then make sure you go ahead and apply Today by clicking here right here Because this position is not going to Stay that long y'all so you need to get On the bandwagon and go ahead and apply Today okay now I want to always leave You some encouragement words like I Always do is Um first of all is I want you to hit That like button and I want you to Subscribe to the channel because I want You to be a part of the family I want to Build a community where we can uplift And encourage one another on our job Search and everyday life because we need More positive vibes and I want you to Hit that subscribe button and turn on

All your notifications so every time to Upload new videos you will be notified Plus that we give you plenty of Opportunities to go out here and apply For these jobs before they go really Quickly and remember if you come across A job that it is no longer available Don't get in panic mode explore within The company there's always other remote Jobs that you can apply for Um that can be a good fit for you again I don't have any control of when a hire Manager stop you know accepting Applications I do reach out to hire Manager because I want to make for sure That all jobs are legitimate before I Post them in any platforms and ask Whatever courses I need to ask we meet In Zoom or even over the phone and we Discuss the job post okay so if you run Across a job and it's no longer Available again don't get in panic mode Um I am not responsible when they is you Know stop accepting the application what You need to do is make sure you have all Your notifications turned on and apply Immediately for these jobs okay because It is a lot of people that are looking For remote jobs with everything that Went on in the past people have fallen In love with remote life and folks do Not want to go on site anymore they want To work in the comfort of their own home So the competition is very very more

Than what I was looking for a work from Home job in 2006 okay so just because There's a lot of people that's looking For work from home job don't mean you Can't find one but you got to do Everything you can to set yourself apart From the crowd okay so I'm going to Leave some encouraging words with you Like I always do Because I want you to keep pushing keep Applying don't give up there is a job Out there being made for you but it Starts with your mind you got to feed Your mind with positive thoughts you Know surround yourself around positive People because when you're around Positive people that's telling you you Can do this don't give up don't quit You're almost at the race it's gonna Install in you that you're gonna hang in There and you're gonna be successful in Everything that you do regardless if It's looking for a work from home job Starting a business stay away from Naysayers and people that are negative When you're around people that's Negative just because they didn't do it They don't think you're gonna do it it's Gonna rub off on you and you're going to Start speaking death over yourself you Got to speak life over yourself the Power of the tongue determines life and Death okay stop singing you don't Understand when I started YouTube it'd

Be four years in May I did not know Anything about YouTube at all how to Make thumbnails the titles or anything But I made up in my mind that I was Going to learn as I go and that's the Same thing about applying for these jobs When you look at the job wreck and you May not understand something Google that And there is a tons and tons of YouTube Videos or videos in general that will Walk you through on how to do things Before you say you can't do it research You got to learn the research there's Things like with my job I didn't Understand how to do a lot of things but I researched everything and I got the Job the job requires a bachelor's degree I don't have a bachelor's degree I only Have a socialist degree and I have a Certifications and a high school diploma And I still got the job why because I Had a will in mind a willing heart a Will and spirit and I didn't give up too Many times you want to throw in the Towel and you're just at the Finish Line You got to plant the seed y'all you got To plant that seed I can have a seed in My hand with the package to say look I Want to grow strawberries and how I'm Gonna get to grow strawberries if I Don't open the package up Tilt the ground put the seed off in There and water it and and speaking life Over it by watering it in order to

Become a strawberry and that's the same Thing if you want a job you got to plant That seed you got to go out there and Hustle this you got to apply for these Jobs every single day make sure your Resume is tailor optimized to the job Post okay now when I went live April to 4 2023 okay I talked about the five Mistakes that you need to avoid because I reached out to hire managers and I Wanted to know why people are not Getting hired because I want to help you Get that job you know I'm giving you the Twos and you got to use the twos in Order to take it to the next level and I Showed you five resume mistakes that Hiring manager told me as well as people Talk about optimize your resume you need To tell you your resume but a lot of People don't know how so I walk you Through step by step on how to tailor Your resume to the job post so go check Out that video again it is called work From home q a a live resume review I Will be going live once a month every Month and I will be not this month but The next following month I'm going to be Doing more resume reviews and we're Going to go more into details talking About more about resumes because I want To do everything I can to help you get That job I'm taking resume classes Webinars in order to get a better Understanding to help you

Um pass the applicant tracking system Okay so I want to do my part okay but You got to do your part you know to keep Pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job being made for you but it Starts with you make for sure you Believe in yourself because if you don't Believe in yourself nobody else will so I want you to go out there today and Grab what is yours by applying for these Jobs again you need these Positive Vibes To too many people around so much Negative people and they have negative Thoughts we need more positive in this World and I'm gonna bring that on this Channel here not only just give you no Talk and work from home job leads but I'm going to speak life over everyone That is looking at this video because You got this there is a job out there Being named with your name on it but you Got to believe in yourself I believe in Yourself so again go out there and grab What is yours by applying for these jobs You know that I talk about multiple Strains of income I don't only just Believe in seven I believe in eight Multiple strains of mcom okay you gotta Plan and prepare it's not greedy it's Planning a lot of times people lose Their job they get into panic mode and They don't know what they gonna do Because they just depend on one job you Need to always always have a backup plan

And it all means necessary think of it As your car When you drive there is a spare tire in That bad car in the back seats of the Car you're not hoping you get a flat but If you do get a flat there is a spare Tire to put on your car and hopefully You get it fixed soon and take you to Your destination same thing about your Cell phone we all have cell phones you Could be on the phone talking and say Beep beep getting ready to die what we Do get in our prayers or we run to get Our charger so we can continue to talk To our friend on on the phone that's the Way that we got to be about on Everything that we do okay is to have a Backup plan now I'm going to share my Screen and we're going to discuss Um bookboat I'm not going to go more Into details because I made a lot of Videos about bookboat but this is a easy Place to start making passive income if You do your research people are making Anywhere between a thousand to ten Thousand a month creating low content Books like coloring books journals Diaries all of this in this platform but There is a catch you got to know your Niche okay you got to get in a niche Where it's not a lot of competition when You get in a niche there's a lot of Competition and you're going to have Problems selling this you can sell it on

Your websites you can sell it on Etsy You can sell it on Amazon you can sell It on free social media platform there's Many ways that you could promote this Okay now I'm gonna go straight to the Price because that is what you want to Know you cannot complain about the Situation if you're not a risk taker you Got to be a risk taker you got to go out There and invest in your future and Invest in yourself that is a part of Self-care and I feel it's very Affordable 9.99 per month for newbie and 19.99 per month for pro but if you use My coupon code which is the rest of Sweat all in lower case that information Is in the YouTube description bar you Will get 20 off that 9.99 per month and That is Lifetime as long as you have Book boat or if you choose a 1999 per Month you'll get 20 off of that and Again it is Lifetime as long as you have Book boat and you can try it out for Three days for free in see if you like It I guarantee you're gonna like it the Only difference is with the pro you're Getting the puzzle creation software Included this is a great opportunity to Make passive income again there is a Saying what come easy won't last and What last won't come easy the first will Be last and the last will be first Remember that okay I believe in you Have a backup plan you should always

Have a backup plan at all means Necessary because you never know what Can happen okay I don't want you to get In panic mode one thing I've learned I Am from Texas okay Dallas Texas and I Remember I think it was in 2020 when the Lights went off the electricity we Didn't have any electricity we were Blessed that every 30 minutes or an hour The electricity come on and we were able To do things but it was some people the Electricity was out for four days like For my parents yeah Ali Nicole different People got sick and got seriously you Know it was just a sad situation and one Thing I've learned through all of that Is you gotta prepare and plan you got a Plan we got to do better planning things Just in case something happened don't Wait until something happened and you Want to plan it's kind of too late but Remember you got this okay you got to Keep pushing you got to keep praying for Most you gotta pray and ask God to give You the strength on whatever situation That you're facing and I'm a witness That he will show up at the right time Because he have showed up so many times In my life when I was so burdened down I Didn't know what I was gonna do but when I say Lord I give it give all my burdens And my trials and tribulation to you and It was just like a burden that relieved Me and then all of a sudden I saw how

The hands of God was working in my life And I know that he would do that in your Life too but you got to believe and you Know you got to pray you got to keep Pushing got to keep applying and you Cannot give up remember check out the Video that is listed at the top or at The bottom there's more no talking Working from home jobs needs to help you Get closer to lending your first second Third job even inside hustle and Remember subscribe to the channel Because I would love for you to be a Part of the family and don't give up Keep pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job been made for you thank You so much for watching and I will see You in the next video bye

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