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Happy Tuesday everyone I am back with Another no talk and work from home job Lead that I would like to share with you This company is urgently hiring and you Can make 800 per week they will train You and they do offer flexible schedule So I'm going to share my screen so we Can talk about this job so they can give You plenty of opportunities to go ahead And apply for this job before Air Um we're talking about um again it's a Pro Profit-wise accounting and they're Seeking administrative and support Service you can make 18.99 to 20 per Hour and then this company do offer full Benefits package they do offer ongoing Training are available that is where I Got they will train you Um they also offer so many great perks But to get to to get more in details Into what you'll be doing and she's Going to provide administrative and Customer support across accounting and Tax departments you're going to Successfully manage multiple projects And priorities you're going to perform Carefully data entry you get a Digitalized track and organize client Files and you go down a little bit Further you're going to maintain client Download Master list and execute all Required action to maintain electronic

Data connection you're going to also Maintain existing Sops for internal team Inclined resource for accurate and Accounting access instruction as well as Download client bank statements Supporting your client onboarding and You're going to deal with client W9 Requests manage intake and 1099 input You go to process scan mail and repair Outgoing client mails accounting Bookkeeping and knowledge of QuickBooks Is a plus now with this job they want You to be proficient in Microsoft Office In G Suite remember I always tell you to Go to Microsoft 365 training to learn All of this for free they want you to Have excellent time management Organization and planning skills the Ability to multitask and prioritize work In a fast-paced environment attention to Details and problem solving tech savvy Ability to learn new cloud-based Software application quickly excellent Written and verbal communication as well As they love for you to have personal Hard working and who can clearly Ineffective Community weight communicate With clients and team members again this Is a entry-level position a full-time Job and they do offer Vision Medical Dental life insurance retirements and Savings so if this is something that you Want to do then don't procrastinate you Got to take action all you need to do is

Click right here where it says apply for This job once you hit apply for this job This is what you're going to see you're Able to upload your resume they said Choose a PDF file or doc file so make Sure you follow those directions you Have to fill out everything that's have This asterisks here You put your information You fill everything out to the best of Your ability then you will hit the Submit application and your application Will be on the way Um to hiring manager okay now I said That I want to show you a place for free Where you can practice your type of Skills because that is one skills that They're not going to train you on and I Share this all the time because anyway You should be practicing your type of Skills at all times every single day in Order to get it where it needs to be and That is what the Reason why I always choose official Typing test is not only can you practice your Typing test but you can practice your 10 Key tests which is data entry and they Will give you typing tips so if I was Going to do 10 key tests I would hit Start and you got a choice to do full 10 Key tests numbers and symbols zip code Numbers only and then you can practice Your typing test right here so

Um it's up to you so if I was going to Do the ZIP code test I could choose one Minute three minute if I choose three Minutes then once I start type type in These numbers then it will start timing Me so you need to go ahead and practice Today in order to get your typing where It needs to be okay so this is a really Easy place to go and start learning how To type today if this video has been Helpful I want you to give it a thumbs Up also I want you to subscribe to the Channel I would love for you to be part Of the family by clicking that red Button that says subscribe and don't Forget to click on the Bell to turn on Your all choose all of your Notifications so every time I upload new Videos you'll be notified plus that will Give you plenty of opportunity to go Ahead and apply for these jobs before They go very quickly these jobs move Very quickly don't get into panic mode If you come across a job and it's no Longer available Again don't get in panic mode explore Within the company and see what other Jobs they have to offer because they may Have other remote jobs that may be a Good fit for you okay so I want to leave Some encouragement words with you Because that's what we need more of in This world is positive vibes it's just Too much negative going on I don't want

You to get this encourage y'all I want You to believe in yourself stop Comparing yourself to other people Saying hey this person is always getting A job there is a time and season for Everything God has a plan in your life When he is going to bless you with a job But you got to stay in the race how you Know that you're going to get a job if You just throw in a towel before you Finish the race life is hard life is Full of ups and downs I experience it I'm human just like you are but you Cannot give up you got to keep pushing Keep applying don't give up there is a Job out there being made for you but it Starts with you you got to believe in Yourself because if you don't believe in Yourself guess what nobody else will you Got to go out there today and grab what Is yours by applying for these jobs you Got to plant the seed and apply for Multiple positions because you never Know when they they're going to call you At the right time I told you a story About myself is that my background is Medical and I used to work at a company Where I just got tired of working Because they always put the work on me Everybody else was in the back playing Dominoes and I was able to run the Facility by myself literary check Patients in check them out schedules Apartments do medical records Insurance

Verification I did all that so I left That job for I thought was a better job But it was it was making more money and When I got there Um I was still applying for jobs I never Did get consist uh complacent I still Applied for jobs when I got there my Supervisor I was dealing with medical Billing Um claims and you always have to tell Your supervisor anybody that you're Getting ready to print because you can Tie up the computer for three or four Hours and that's what my supervisor told Me and it was a lady there that was Talking about the project bass and we Were talking about that in church and I Said well let's just wait until our Lunch break she said I want to know what Do you thought what are your thoughts About the book of project bass and I say It's an excellent book the next day I Was called in the office the supervisor That the head supervisor my boss will Pass right by me will never speak to me In that day she said I need you to come To the office so I went in the office it Was my supervisor and she lied she said I'm tired of hearing her coming to me Telling me every day that she was Getting ready to print and that's what She told me plus somebody was saying That you were talking and you wasn't Working and I was like you know that is

A lie but sometimes God will put you in A place and a the right time and you There for a season whether it's Um two weeks or one day and he has Something bigger better for you and when I lost my job that day the supervisor Asked me what is I'm going to do and I'm Not speaking religions to anybody your Belief or your belief but I told him I Said God will supply all of my needs According to his riches and glory and do You know when I got fired from that job Two hours after I got fired from the job The job that I applied for like maybe Two weeks or three weeks Um prior they call me in that same day And said I want to want you to come in For an interview I came in for an Interview they hired me on the spot so I Had a job to go to that following Monday The model of the story is if you don't Plant the seeds if this happened to you A lot of y'all won't have nowhere to go But I planted the seed and I had Somewhere to go on that Monday okay so Always don't get complacent in life okay And surround yourself around people that Have your best interests and that is Positive and that's going to Speak Life Over you instead of death again the Power of the tongue determines life and Death you got this keep pushing keep Applying don't give up there is a job Like they're being made for you but you

Gotta believe you know that I always Talk about having multiple strains of Income I believe in not seven eight Multiple strains of income because you Never know what can happen in life and On this land and I'm gonna share my Screen and we're going to talk about Book boat okay Everybody knows about Um book vote it's a lot of people are Doing it again I'm doing it too okay I'm Not just talking to talk I'm walking the Walk and for those who don't know what Book book are it is creating low content Books like journals coloring books Coloring pages puzzle books all made in This platform and if you do your Research people are making a thousand to Ten thousand a month creating these low Content books but again you got to put In the work this is the low content Books that are flashing in the back very Very easy to do you can work anywhere in The world you could be in the United States you could be out of the country Elementary could do this middle school High school anybody can do this there's No age limit okay so when you scroll Down a little bit further You can always research the product Before you actually make it and see if It's sale that is what you got to do and You can spy on your competitors to see What kind of keywords they're using and

Implement those in your titles and Descriptions not to copy but to be Expired okay Book boat has upgraded they Have a new studio with cover creators Interior designs drag and drop editors Complete customization over a thousand 200 plus free fonts more than one Million royalty free image pattern Scalable designs filter in much more and Again you're able to make you're able to Make puzzle books like word search Crossword puzzles word scrambles and More activity books where you connect The dots mix and match puzzle customize Your Interiors coloring books where you Can turn your vectors into coloring book Pages and 100 of low content Interiors Where you can mix and match Interiors to Create unique books for your audience And yes people buy these books every Single day plus they do have webinars Live webinars every Tuesdays and Thursdays where you can talk to the Owner of this book boat and they're Always educating you you know and they Have tutorials where you can watch if You spend an hour a day you will be able To get the knowledge to get up and start Making a passive income with bookboat Now when I go here to Resource and Interior wizard I do not have to make my Interior for me it's already made so I Get to choose college rules journals Career plan you get the picture it's all

Up to you Um saving trackers so for the sake of The video I'm going to choose career Plan you could choose paperback or Hardcover always streams paperback 8×5 11. I choose 120 pages and I hit career Plan and I hit download this is my Interior right here if I am very pleased With this this is what I would download To Amazon kdb you can sell these books On Amazon of course Etsy send out pay here Um your website blogs free websites on Social media platforms that you can Promote this and make passive mcom so Make sure you go ahead and get this Together here because this is a great Side hustle side gig opportunity that You can go and make passive income here And I know a lot of y'all probably are Looking at the price you have two prices 9.99 per month for newbies and 19.99 per Month for uh Pro if you use my coupon Code which is the rest of sweat all in Lower case that information is in the YouTube description bar you will get 20 Off the 1999 per month and that's Lifetime or if you choose a 99.99 per Month you get 20 off of that and that is Lifetime and the only difference is with The pro you can try you get the puzzle Creation software included but you can Try this out for three days for free and See if you like it I guarantee you're

Gonna like it this is a great Opportunity to have in your basket just In case again I believe in building a Legacy for your children children and This is a great opportunity to go ahead And do that today okay anybody can do This anybody you don't have to be a Graphic designer you don't have to have Any experience to start doing this you Can do this today okay I'm doing it and I want you to get on the wagon and do This today too okay so again I want you to check out the video that's Appearing on the screen right now as Well as go check out my live work from Home q a that I went live on April the 4th and I talked about five resume Mistakes that you need to avoid as well As I walk you through and show you how Easy it is to optimize and tailor your Resume to the job post and I did a Couple live resume reviews I'm going to Be doing some of those in my work from Home q a when I go live every month so I'm going to explain more details once It gets closer to it but also I want you To keep pushing keep applying don't give Up there is a job out there being made For you but it starts with you you got To believe because if you don't believe In yourself nobody else will make sure You subscribe to the channel for more no Talk and work from home job leads that Go out every single day at 7 A.M Central

Standard Time keep pushing and don't Disqualify yourself you got this I Believe in you but you got to believe in Yourself share this video with everyone You know that could benefit from this Thank you so much for watching and I'll See you in the next video have a great Day okay bye

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