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Happy Tuesday two chicks fam it's me Carl and I am back with a data entry 15 An hour work from home job but before I Get into it if you are looking for more Non-phone jobs data entry chat jobs be Sure to hop on over to the non Phoneworkathome.com blog let us know in The comments what type of work from home Job or side hustle you guys are looking For be sure to smash that red subscribe Button turn on that Bell notification Make sure you guys thumbs up these Videos and make sure you share on this Channel guys we do real giveaways and we Are giving away 10 more brand new laptop Computers absolutely free we already Have the laptops and we're just waiting To get to 100 000 subscribers so make Sure you guys share go tell a friend Spread the word let your people know What we do on the channel be sure to Drop that comment down below hop on over To the two chicks blog look under the Spotlight job section be sure to apply For for Omni interactions and also tell Us and make sure guys that you sign up For Branded surveys we got some people Here making up to fifty dollars in one Day the link is in the comments let's Get into the video so the company is Called simply insured they are looking To hire data entry Associates the pay is 15 an hour and they also guys are Offering a two thousand dollar annual

Bonus with a clear career progression Ladder based on metrics and Licensing Now it does say company paid benefits I Do see Life Health and accident Insurance is available 100 company paid Medical dental and vision coverage for You and for your dependence and a lot of Companies don't speak on the dependents So this is a great one now let's Jump Right On in It says how you guys will Make a difference it says now as a Submission expert you will be expected To identify opportunities to to improve Our internal process and identify Opportunities for gaining efficiencies With our carrier processes you'll have Unique insight and access into Submission issues and you'll be Empowered through data to propose Process improvements or product Enhancements to improve the customer Enrollment experience and they do have Some more information here you will be a Critical member of the revenue Operations team which is responsible for Ship herding small business applications For health dental and vision insurance Through the approval process with our Insurance carrier Partners now as a part Of this team guys you will review Prepare and submit customer applications To insurance carriers for approval you Will also be responsible for reviewing And compiling necessary info ensuring

Application packet completeness accuracy Verifying proper formatting and Submitting the application using the Carrier specified Channel you will need One to two years of experience in Customer service or sales highly Productive with good multitasking skills Passion for helping people especially When it comes to their health able to Work in a high volume contact center Environment you're familiar with working With support ticketing and or customer CRM software tools fantastic oral and Written communication skills strong Desire to help businesses maximize their Health care now with this one sounds Like you may have to do a little bit of Customer service but I'm not 100 sure You may have to key in some information As well as talk to the clients that is Why this one is posted on the two chicks Blogs because we were just a little bit Unsure if this one was totally non-phone So guys make sure you do your own Research again the company company is Titled simply insured they are looking To hire data entry Associates the pay is 15 an hour with a two thousand dollar Annual bonus along with some great Benefits for you and also for your Dependent the link will be posted right Below the video in the description box So you guys can check out this company Make sure you share my awesome video and

Thank you thank you so much to the ones That have been sharing our information With your friends and your family Members but it is not too late because We have not yet reached a hundred Thousand subscribers but when we do that Is when the giveaway will take place so Be sure to share be sure to come back Leave us a comment a lot of people share But they forget to leave the comment However however guys make sure you leave That comment hop on over to Facebook Join us kiss that cubicle goodbye make Sure you follow us on our other social Media platforms because we're going to Do two more giveaways outside of this YouTube giveaway so hop on over to Facebook make sure you follow us two Chicks with the side hustle this is our Facebook business page guys make sure You hop on over there because we're Giving away two more laptops once we Reach a hundred thousand followers over On that page so just in case you don't Win over here you still have a chance to Win a laptop over there so again two Chicks with the side hustle and you guys Can tag your friends your family members On all of the posts we already have some People sharing however it is not too Late because we're only at around 50 000 plus followers and we are trying to Get to a hundred thousand followers so If we got 50 000 people if you guys each

Person share invite one person we will Make it to a hundred thousand people Fairly quickly so make sure you come on Over there and follow us and then what You want to do is follow us on Tick Tock Twitter also on Instagram because on Instagram we're doing a pop-up giveaway And we don't know yet guys it will be Between now and the end of December 31st The end of the year and don't know yet What we're gonna give away it could be a Laptop it could be an Amazon gift card Or why my gift card could be a cash app We've done cash app before so guys make Sure you hop on over there to Instagram Share us on your platform put us in your Story or make a real about us and invite People over to our platform two chicks With a side hustle my name is Carl I'll Catch you wonderful lovely awesome Fantastic people in the next video bye Bye YouTube

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