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Happy Saturday YouTube family my name is Theresa sweat and I am back with another Work from home job today we're going to Be talking about set your own hours 1099 Jobs companies that do offer flexible Hours so you want to make for sure that You watch the videos all the way through Plus I am going to give you another Um opportunity where you can make uh Passive income so we're going to go Ahead and start with the job today we're Going to start talking about the company Path rise they are currently seeking a Mission operation specialist to work From home this is a part-time position And when you scroll down and just to get A little bit of information about this Role they're taking new approach to Hiring talent to support a mission Ops Project at path Rise by applying to this Job you become a part of the resume pool Of candidates which will draw from Whenever flexible contract rolls open up Projects will range from short term a Few weeks to longer term several months And will give you the chance to learn New skills platform and more okay so They are actually hiring for the Following long-term projects personal Tagging strategy identifying grouping And tagging leads with personal types to Identify areas of impact this will will Allow them to better understand fellow Needs streamline workflows and improve

The experience for their clients taggers Will review about 50 resumes daily and Apply personal tags as early in their Sales on a really easy job again this is A entry-level role it's great for anyone With an Ops admission background Recents have all of this here and Science grads are encouraged to apply Okay now again When you scroll down the pay is 12 to 15 An hour a lot of y'all may say oh this Is a little money but this is a Part-time job this is a 1099 job where You can work when you want to work so if You have a full-time job you can do this Or if you have if this could be your Part-time job find another part-time job To make it happen here again they offer Flexible work hours and then when we go Back into the job here again you're Going to be working on ad hoc sales Operation and emission operation project As needed by the organization database Management sales funnel projects Operation Administration and then you're Going to collaborate with team members Across functional areas of the Organization now they do want to work With 10 to 20 hours per week as needed Um they want you to have proven track Records of various softwares included But not limited to sales for slack G Suite airtable now if you don't Understand that Google this there's

YouTube videos there's people teaching You how to do this this and you can Learn all of this software within 10 Minutes and they looking for someone That has management time management and Multitasking ability that is one skills That you need to put in under your Skills on your resume startup experience That's another skill experience working With individual from diverse background Must be able to take outside think Outside of the box and solve problems And you must be detailed ordined Self-motivated self-sufficient all of Those are keywords that you need to Implement in your resume and you should Be responsive to slack matches during Business hours okay so when it says Prefer qualification don't worry about That if you have it that's great if you Don't Don't I mean you you can still apply for The job anyway okay so again the pay is 12 to 15 an hour this is a great Opportunity again this is a part-time Job 1099 job where you can make extra Cash okay now I want to if this video Has been helpful for you I want you to Consider subscribing to the channel by Clicking that red button that says Subscribe and don't forget to click on The Bell to turn on your notifications So every time when I upload new videos That will give you plenty of opportunity

To go ahead and apply for these jobs These jobs move just like this and you Want to be on top of everything now I Want to leave some encouragement words With you I know some people are looking At this job post and say look I I've Never done this job before in my life Um I don't know anything about this job It's people that are not speaking life Over theyself and I'm here to tell you You have to speak life over yourself It's a lot of y'all have never drawn Before you drove a car before when you Was a teenager but you had to learn Because you want to get your your License you got tired of waiting on your Parents to come and get you so that Motivates you to go take drivers in and Learn how to drive and that's the same Thing about these jobs here Don't be intimidated about these jobs You go in here if you don't understand Something Google it there's YouTube Videos that are teaching you is people That are teaching you this how to do a Certain software within five or ten Minutes and you're able to go ahead and Perform the job this is a great Opportunity again you got to speak life Over yourself the power of the time Determines life and death everything Starts with the mind if you believe that You can guess what it will happen if you Don't believe things are not going to

Come to fruition you got to believe Because there's so many people that's Not gonna believe in you you have to Believe in yourself you got to keep Pushing you got to keep applying you Can't give up there is a job out there Being made for you but again it starts With you it starts with you you have to Have that mindset this is a easy job now Um what I forgot to tell you too as well Is the interview process is this only a Phone chat with a recruiter and then Your final round you meet with their Mission op manager and that's all you Need to do and then if they feel like You're good fit for this position then They will go ahead and hire you but Again you got to keep pushing you got to Keep applying you cannot give up life is Hard I get it life is like a roller Coaster one minute you up next minute You down but you gotta keep pushing you Gotta keep standing in the race there is A job out there being made for you there Is a job out there with your name on it But again you gotta believe so keep Pushing keep applying don't give up you Got this okay now you know that I always Talk about Um having a backup plan And I'm here to help everybody that Wants to be helped and I really push Course careers because I hear it every Single day that people cannot afford to

Put gas in their car people cannot Afford to Um get a car they need a car get their Car fixed people cannot afford different Things Um some people tell me that they've been On a job for a long time and they are Not making uh the raise is not being Increased it's people that just started Making more money than them so I push Course careers because this is a great Course to get into no experience no Degree text sales is high in demand if You do your research information Technology is high in demand as well as Digital marketing is high in demand so You need to go and get on board and take These courses course careers have Partnered with a lot of Fortune 500 Companies that are looking to higher Course careers in these fields is people That have Um Started the course and before they Finished the course they already got job Offers making anywhere between 60 to 100K a year and this can happen to you The best thing to do is look at these Testimonies they have a lot of Testimonies people are testifying as you Can see here students that actually went Through the course is telling you their Experience what it took some people Finished this course within a week the

Rule of thumb is three months but it's People have finished the course within a Week because they're so determined to Get out there and found a job here so Check out the testimonies now to Paraphrase with Anaya Alexander she was Working at Starbucks and again like I Said there's nothing wrong with working At Starbucks McDonald's Walmart you got To start somewhere but I always think That it's not meant to stay at a company Where you're not looping up Um Naya Alexander she got tired she Wasn't moving up so she found course Careers and she studied Tech sales and She is making 60k a year you need to go And watch her full testimony Um they have interviewed her a couple Times and see what the process going and She still is doing great and this can Happen to you okay now High works is That you have to start their free intro Course in the intro course they're going To give you information about digital Marketing text sales Information Technology they're going to tell you Everything you need to know And at that point you can determine if It's a good fit for you if it's a good Fit for you then don't procrastinate go Ahead and sign up and enroll into the Course when you're enroll in the course It is a online self-paced course to Begin learning you complete the course

In a few weeks to a couple months Depending on how much time you commit You will learn everything required to Land your first position okay and then After that you'll start applying the Skills you acquire from the course in a New career they will teach you exactly How to land an entry-level position Through Insider knowledge of how to Apply to companies what they look for in Resumes applications how to interview And such much more again course careers Have partnered directly with companies That want to hire their students Dropping their degree in experience Requirement for their graduates okay This is a great opportunity so if I want To go in these are the courses here you Can choose what you want right here you Can do technology sales a lot of people Are doing text sales again Tech sales is On the phone we're a safe example if I'm Working for Google I'm reaching out to Potential buyers that are interested in Buying the products plus you'll get a Salary plus you'll get a commission so a Lot of people hopping on text sales Information technology is more of you're Not on the phone you're dealing with It's kind of my chat you're dealing with Cues and digital marketing is if you're In seos or Um basically creating content doing paid Campaign is going over all of that that

Is what I'm thinking about taking it Um sometime this summer where I have More time Um to do this so um we're going to go Into text sale so if I click on Tech Sales And you scroll down the course time is Again eight weeks their students Complete our self-paced course between Four and 12 weeks on an average job Openings is three thousand k and a lot Of times people think because they have 300 000 K jobs is because it's a Turnover that's not true they don't have Enough people Um trained to do this job and that is Reason why that they having all of these Openings because they do want to hire The right person and again you can get This information in course careers okay And then the average salary is 70k their Student has an average starting salary Of 70k a year and these are some of the Companies as you see scrolling or hiring For Tech sales reps like Survey Monkey Article Microsoft Um these These are the some of the Companies that you can get on and then When you scroll down here it gives you The overview of the day in the life of a Text sales you these will work from home Jobs y'all don't be thinking that you Have to go into the office everybody That that you see or on the testimony

They're actually working from their home And you will respond to emails and Checking calendars this is if you were Going for a text cells your research Companies and adding in new prospects You'll be making phone calls to people In your Outreach lunchtime sitting Personnel Emails and linking message to people in Your Outreach you'll take a break and Get ready to finish off of your day and Then you'll make your scheduled discover Calls that is really easy making Afternoon calls to people in your Outreach and that is it okay that's all You need to do Now when you scroll down a little bit Further again they do offer flexible Education and it's just talk about what Who is Tech sales course for and what is The background okay it could be a high School students a junior senior that is Uncertain about what they want to do With their life Um you got to understand a lot of people Are not going to get a full ride Scholarship in high school some people Are going to get it and it's not going To be enough to pay for their tuition College University trade schools Graduate schools are very expensive some People are out of 100K and I know a lot Of people they've been out of school for 12 years and they still paying on a loan

With course careers you do not have to Take out a loan your background to do All this you can be a recent high school Graduates looking for a college Alternate where you don't want to go to College you could be employed you want To make a career change a College Dropout figuring out their next move in Life our college graduates considering What their options are this is for you You don't have to have any spirits to Start all you have to do is having a Will in mind a willing heart and a Willing Spirit to get started and you Will do great on here when you scroll Down it tells you what you'll learn as a Text cells this gives you information Sales basis cell skills sales technology Sales process interview prep that's what You go over and again here is some more Testimonies from their graduates they See what they say is people in I.T if You're trying to get into it listen to What this person say you know there's Different things that you can do is Plenty of testimonies and that's what You need to go over now when we go over The calls the cost is very affordable It's a one-time payment of 499 dollars How many times you can go to a community College a trade school or university and Pay only 499 dollars you can't do it but If you use my coupon code which is the Rest of 50 all in caps you'll get fifty

Dollars off of the 499 dollars or you Can choose a format for payment plan Where you pay 150 every two weeks There's no contract or hitting fees Along which you can do a 14-day Money-back guarantee You got to step out and stop Procrastinate a lot of people have been Procrastinating for years saying that I'm going to take an I.T course I'm Gonna do text sales I'm gonna do digital Marketing in three years have passed They haven't did anything life is too Short you need to get out there if You're going to take a course you need To take course careers this is a great Opportunity you know I'm not I'm gonna Take it I'm gonna take it this summer I'm gonna do digital marketing that's The thing that I'm interested in so I Can understand uh more of seos and how To run campaign paid campaign and learn Analytics and all of that that's what I'm planning on doing this summer I'm Not just giving you this information I'm Going to be doing it myself so make sure You take advantage of this because I'm Here to help you this course careers is A life changer it has changed so many People's life Um I had a couple subscribers that Actually went through the course and They doing really good I have put that Information in my community tab so make

Sure you go ahead and check that out but Again you got to take action face Without work is dead so if this is Something you want to do go ahead and Sign up and enroll into today and you Can start actually taking this course This week or next week so go ahead and Be have a life change you know some of Y'all been sitting on the job for a long Time go and take action Um keep pushing keep applying don't give Up there is a job out there with your Name on it go out there and check out The next video that is showing right now With more work from home job leads thank You so much for watching and I will see You in the next video

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