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Hello hello and welcome back to another Video and if it's your first time here Welcome my name is CeCe I post these Videos daily and today I am sharing with You guys as you read between two Thousand to four thousand per month Average introvert perfect no interview Needed work from home jobs so this one Is through genjou and they expect the Translators to be native speakers and it Is a translator so the minimum age is 18 Years of age or older you have to be a US citizen or if you are not a citizen You have to be legally allowed to work In the U.S and if you are outside of the US or you are not a citizen you cannot Work and here's a full flow chart if you Have any questions or concerns so what You're going to do is you're going to Sign up and then you're going to enter All your details here your last name First name address your time zone and You are going to then talk about your Translation experience and you are going To take the test now once you take the Test you will here back between 7 to 14 Business days about the next steps of Getting started and unlocking the Dashboard and all of that you do not Need to interview the test kind of acts As the interview and you can pick your Own schedule set your own hours sign up For as many or as little projects as you Want and I think it's a very very very

Great site also you can test up to three Times during a six month period so if You don't pass the first time definitely Keep trying again and to access Available jobs in your qualified Languages you have to agree to their NDA And their agreement and then you'll be Able to get started on your work Dashboard so it's very straightforward To the point if you would like the link To this website you can find that on my Website work from home with cc.com and That will be available in the Description box below thank you for Tuning in I hope you guys have a Beautiful and blessed rest of your day There's some more videos on the screen If you want to check those out my face To subscribe but I will talk to you guys In my next one bye

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