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What's up two chicks fam happy Saturday It's me Carl I am back with a non-phone Chat job no experience make sure you Guys subscribe like and share take my Video go post it on Facebook right now Don't forget to come back though and Leave us a comment because on this Channel not only do we talk about legit Work from home job side gigs and side Hustles but guys we also give away free Laptops and once we reach a hundred Thousand subscribers we are going to Come on the live stream and give away 10 More brand new beautiful laptops and all You guys have to do is just share the Video don't forget to go back guys check Out all the work when you want videos That we have been dropping on the Channel the past few weeks don't forget About Telus International it is posted Over on the two chicks with aside Hustle.com blog look on the home page And apply today let us know in the Comments what type of way from home job Or side hustle you guys are looking for And be sure guys to click on that link In the comments and sign up for Branded Surveys let's jump in so the company is Called rentals and rentals and their Client is Google and I could be saying It wrong anyway they are looking to fear Their chat operator position we've Talked about this position before so Let's jump in now these are the

Requirements it says that Google Google An affiliate of rentals and rentals is Seeking inbound chat operators to join Their team now in this role you will Engage in online conversations with Customers representing our Automotive Dealer clients favoritely favorably your Goal is to turn conversations into leads That help the clients generate Revenue So this is a chat job guys no experience Is required now I do see here 35 words Per minute 40 and above is is preferred If you cannot type 35 words per minute Go over to the free site which is Testing no it's typingtest.com again Typingtest.com you guys can practice 24 7. practice makes perfect this is the Site that I have used for years to pick Up my typing speed and now on a good day I can type about 80 85 words per minute So you must have your own computer or Laptop for this one with the webcam now They're not saying that you're going to Be on webcam but you may have to be on Webcam during the training maybe not for Your shift so I'm not sure about that Second monitor microphone and external Mouse computer must have a minimum of Eight gigs of RAM 64-bit operating System and 8th generation Intel Core Three equivalent or higher quiet Dedicated workspace free from Distractions and as you guys can see This is a remote position

Able to attend four weeks of remote Training Tuesday through Saturday Between the hours of 11 A.M and 7 30 p.m Again must be able to type at least 35 Words per minute 40 and above that is Just preferred however guys it is not Required it says gaming experience is Preferred it is not required and the Salary for this one it is on the low Side 13 an hour however we tell you guys If you don't have any skills if you Don't have any experience take this 13 An hour use it to your advantage you may Be able to move up in the company grow With the company or gain the skills the Knowledge the experience and move on to The higher paying companies such as United Health Group again the company Guys it is rentals and rentals their Client is Google I probably saying it Wrong anyway they are looking to feel This chat operator position you don't Need experience they do want you to be Able to type 35 words a minute go over To the free site typingtest.com and if That is not correct you can always Google it Google is your best friend the Pay is 13 an hour I will be sure guys to Leave the link and it is posted on the Non-phone blog the link will be under The video in the description box so you Guys can check it out and apply you will Have to do an interview with this Company so make sure you go over to

Google you type in Google type in Rentals and rentals and jot down any Information that you guys think might be Important during your interview I don't Really know what questions they're going To ask because I don't work for the Company tan doesn't work for the company We're just simply sharing this good Information with you guys make sure you Take the information guys and go share It with somebody else because I can Almost guarantee you somebody out there Is looking for a legit chat job with no Experience and you just might be be that Person to bless them with this job so Make sure you take the video go post it On Facebook Snapchat Twitter Instagram Whatever social media platform guys that You are a part of go and post this video It is absolutely free for you guys to do This free 99 won't cost you nothing and Make sure you come back and leave us a Comment then you want to hop over to Facebook you want to join us we have a Group on Facebook for those of you that Don't know the name of our group it is Kiss that cubicle goodbye we are doing a Laptop giveaway in the group guys once We reach 250 000 members and we are right around 200 000 members right now so make sure you Guys come over there make sure you join WE Post jobs in the group side hustles And some of the companies guys believe

It or not because it's so many that are Coming under our radar they are not Posted on this YouTube channel it's too Many I would be on here here all day for Hours bringing you guys these good jobs So what we do is we spread them out Across our platforms so make sure you Hop over there again on Facebook the Group it is kiss that cubicle goodbye And all you have to do is join and Invite invite invite invite your friends Your family members post the group on Your personal Facebook page if you have A business page and you want to share it On the business page share the group on The business page guys because it does Not matter where you share or how you Share just be able to get the people Over there to join the group let your Friends your family members know or Anybody that follows you you may have an Audience let your audience know that if They are looking for a legit work from Home jobs they can join our Facebook Group it is absolutely free and again we Do post some type of job or side hustle In the group every day all day seems Like make sure you follow the two chicks With the side Hustle the Facebook Business page because on that page we Are giving away two additional laptops Guys for free everything is free free Free absolutely free we are just trying To push this information out to the

Masses and help as many people as we can Because I still see scammers posting Fake data entry jobs fake chat jobs all On social media every single day and you Guys just may be the person or the People to help the other people that Don't know about the two chicks with the Side hustle brand help them find a legit Work from home job or a legit side Hustle just make sure though after you Share whatever you share the blog links The blog post if you take a picture of Screenshot and you want to upload that To your personal Facebook page that is 100 fine with us because that is still a Way of sharing our information just Don't forget guys to come back and leave Us that comment down below a lot of People people share us but they forget To come back and leave us that comment Otherwise we won't know that you shared Our information so make sure you guys do That and don't forget to follow us on Instagram and on Twitter two chicks with A side hustle you guys can create Stories or reels over on Instagram I Notice a lot of people are making reels And they're putting us in their stories And if you have not done that and you Want to do that go ahead and do that Girl it's okay share share share my name Is Carol thank you guys so much to the Ones that have been sharing our content With your friends your family members we

Greatly greatly appreciate each and Every single one of you and if you have Not and you are still watching this Video it is not too late because we Haven't done the giveaway yet so you Still have a chance to win a brand new Laptop computer from us and we've Already given away 12 so we are going to Turn around and give away 13 more so 10 Will be giving away on the YouTube Channel one will be given away in our Facebook group KISS that cubicle goodbye And two more will be given away on the Facebook business page two chicks with The side hustle my name is Carl and I Will catch you wonderful lovely Beautiful people on the next video [Music]

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