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Foreign [Music] I hope you guys are having a wonderful Wednesday it’s your favorite remote work Enthusiast Delilah and I’m back with Another one of y’all’s favorite things I Like to bring y’all your favorite things Only and y’all love a good old non-phone Job now not phone is a genre that Stretches pretty far and wide and in That genre I am bringing you a good old Tech support job this is an email only Tech support role so you’re going to be Handling you know light tech issues if You know your way around the computer You’re not someone who has to call Somebody if you ever run into a hiccup Then you probably are eligible for this Role and again it’s email only which is Perfect for what a lot of y’all have Been looking for so we’re gonna get into All the details I won’t tease you any Longer but first please make sure you Hit that subscribe button and you tap The notification Bell I share the Hottest work from home offer Opportunities every single weekday on This channel I try my best to bring Y’all the leads that y’all love and this Could be the place where you find the Opportunity that works for you a lot of Folks have gotten hired okay and that Could be you too so go ahead and lock it In and on that note we are ready to jump

In Okay so today’s hot League comes from a New to this channel company called Lyra Health and I love coming across new Companies y’all okay I’m always telling Y’all I love coming across new companies And I really mean it now this company Has at least a thousand and one Employees all the way to five thousand So it’s a pretty big company and they Specialize in mental health benefits and It says that they are the leading Provider of mental health benefits for More than 2 million U.S employees and Dependents so chances are you may have a Job that utilizes Lyra Health if they Offer some sort of mental health Benefits so that’s cool now jumping on Into today’s lead this is for their Platform technical support specialist Position this is full time and it’s Available us wide now as far as the pay Goes I had to do my best to gather Enough information to give y’all Ballpark and the closest role that they Have on their glass door to this is Their operations associate and that pays 42 264 dollars per year which per hour Breaks down to about twenty one dollars And some change per hour and I would be You know willing to say that this Actually could pay a little bit more Because this is a tech support role so

Since they don’t tell us about how much It pays I’m just gonna go with that roll That we found on their glass door and You know just negotiate accordingly once You get to that point in the courting Process now jumping on in here I’ll skip Past this portion where they talk about The company because we just did that it Says that they’re looking for an Exceptional platform technical support Specialist to join their team we care Deeply about making a difference in People’s lives and hope you do too we Are looking for an individual who enjoys Digging into technical issues community Educating and teaching others about tech Related processes and learning on a Daily basis note this role can be based In the Burlingame California office or Remote and of course we want remote so Responsibilities own the ticket queue Triage and respond to inbound support Requests per internal ticket slas serve As the front line support for providers And or clients manage technical FAQ Articles answer specific programmatic Questions where possible troubleshoot Specific software and hardware issues Triage more complex questions or issues To the appropriate team internally train New providers on the platform Qualifications strong technical support Background supportive users applications And multiple systems excellent

Communication skills that are audience Appropriate will interface with multiple Stakeholders such as engineering Providers clinical operations Etc ticketing system expertise IE Zend Desk servicenow a debt at managing Ticket cues requester Communications Ticket response slas ability to learn The platform in terms of overall Architecture and expected functions Skilled at troubleshooting issues Remotely both hardware and platform Related Adept at deciphering user level Experience issues versus bugs within the Platform jira atlassian exposure or Equivalent to report issues monitor Releases Etc and then it says prefer Qualifications basic understanding of SQL Server database queries tables Etc Salesforce experience Chromebook support Knowledge and then they talk about Diversity inclusion at Lyra diversity Equity inclusion and belonging at Lyra Is essential to the way we deliver Culturally responsive care build and Manage our provider Network and support Holistic efforts to strengthen deib in Workplaces around the world including Our own people come to Lyra with a range Of needs backgrounds and abilities that Influence the response to mental health Support our diverse network of providers Delivers comprehensive mental health Treatment and support rooted in

Culturally responsive care a Multicultural approach that accounts for The impact of cultural backgrounds on Each person’s care experience learn more And you can go to their link here and Then it says that they’re an equal Opportunity employer and they do not Discriminate on the basis of race color Religion sex including pregnancy National origin age 40 or older Disability genetic information or any Other category protected by law so that Is the lead y’all in the apply Now Button is at the bottom and I will point Out that you know being in the tech Space myself I have my own software I Have my own Dev team you know if you Have any of my courses you know about my Software a lot of y’all use my software To make your resumes and cover letters This is a very standard tech support Role and this is something thing that I Think a lot of y’all could do if you Know that you’re tech savvy if you’re Someone who’s always calling someone Over to be like hey you know how do I Pull this up on my phone or you know What do I do when I click here on the Computer this one might not be for y’all Okay you might need to brush up a little Bit before you can get there but for Most folks this would be like your Entry-level Tech role and notice they Don’t give a number of years of

Experience that you have to have to Qualify it says you need to have a Strong tech support background but they Don’t get into years of experience or Anything like that so could this be no Experience I mean you have to have Experience with your Tech stuff but as Far as like professional roles that You’ve done possibly you know it Possibly could be no experience this is Definitely little experience friendly For sure only you know your comfort Level with technical things and Especially since they talk about system Expertise and then desk in service now You know if you have that that’s Something you would definitely want to Highlight on your resume and letting Them know that hey I know how to use These things especially jira because People in the tech space use this for Their project management and you’re Going to have to coordinate with people Who could do something about the tech Bugs or issues that you run into using Jira and responding to customers using Zendesk or service now so you know That’s just my two cents there you know Those are just my thoughts from you know Being inside of the space as well but Again the apply Now button is at the top And I have some goodies for y’all Because I never want to leave you Empty-handed

The first goodie is a free ready to work From home Workshop by me this is a 40 Minute Workshop where I go over how you Can create resumes and cover letters That land you these remote opportunities And then I also talk about how you can Find more jobs that fit with what you’re Looking for so you don’t want to just Put in one application here and there You want to be able to spread your Application around and that first starts With having a command on how to find These online jobs in your own time so I Talk about all those things and Everything in between in this Workshop Make sure you have something to take Notes with and to sign up all you need To do is put in your first name your Email and hit register and you’ll be Taken to the workshop room and then After that I just guarantee you you’re gonna be Like let’s go Delilah I’m ready to get My application in well one of the places That you want to bookmark and make part Of your job search routine is my website Remoteworklife.com I have something on Here called the mega list of jobs oh Look at that we just updated it there Were 470 companies on this list Yesterday there are 481 companies on This list today so this is something me And my team are always managing and Updating when we come across new

Companies just like today we came across Lyra Health well guess what this will be Added to here soon as well so we have The direct link to these companies Careers Pages you can go directly to Their website and see what do they have Fresh and new for you to apply to that’s How you can cut past all the traffic on These job boards and get your Application in for things that maybe These companies haven’t put on glass or Or indeed or Simply Hired they don’t add Every single job to those job boards so People land jobs people are getting Interviews from going to the mega list That can be you too link is in the Description box and then lastly you’re Going to need your money machine to work From home he said it was a money machine Delilah well that’s what I like to call A computer okay I call your work from Home computer your money machine because This is what allows you to make money From home it’s something that I’m always Talking about is the fact that when it Comes to your work from home computer You don’t have to be fancy you don’t Gotta go all out and buy a 700 000 Computer you can get the computer okay Everything you see here the CPU tower That runs Windows 10 Pro the wired Keyboard and mouse the 19-inch monitor These are the bare minimum requirements Companies have for computer packages you

Can get everything you see here for just A hundred and forty four dollars and Then Amazon okay this is all through Amazon they just make it uh convenient For me to make it convenient for y’all To show you all these packages that I Hand selected they will send it to you By next week you can get this on Valentine’s Day what better way to say I Love you than to make some money for Your family okay so you can go to the Link in the description box below to go To my Amazon storefront and I would Definitely check out some of these Packages if you need double monitors you Can get the whole double monitor hookup For just 258 dollars and this has Everything you need and everything you See pictured is part of what you will Get so you can’t go to any store nowhere I’m always checking them okay I like Gadgets and gizmos so I stay in the you Know Tech section of Best Buy and Walmart and you know fries and BrandsMart and all these places I don’t Even know if um Fry’s still around but Anyway anyway y’all get my point okay They don’t have these prices so that’s Why I’m always pointing you guys Attention here help you save a couple of Dollars and help you get on your way to Working from home so make sure you get Your application in ASAP thank you so Much for watching I truly hope this has

Been helpful and I will talk to you soon Bye

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