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Hello welcome back to my channel and if You’re new hey for the first time my Name is CeCe I post daily work from home Job like videos and I’m here to help you Make the switch from working in an Office to being able to work from the Comfort of your own home make money on Your own terms side hustles anything you Name it I will help you make that money So click that red subscribe button below And let me help you get hired for free Today I’m sharing 181 open remote Positions all across the globe through Nike or I don’t know how people say it That on American like Nike Something but Nike I’m so sorry I’m so Sorry I’m so American but if you are um From another country comment how you Guys pronounce it Um but they do have 181 open positions And all I simply did and I always Recommend you guys to do it too is to Just type remote into the search bar That will filter out all of the Um on-site positions from the remote Positions and then scrolling through Here you can see now all the different Locations that they offer I love sharing Job boards with you guys because it Helps you guys out you’re able to know Your skills your qualifications Everything that you possess and the Departments that you want to work in as Well as it takes away all the stress and

Pressure to have to go rush and run and Sprint to the company’s job board or I’m Sorry the specific job that I post and Everybody’s applying thousands of people Seeing it applying for the one job this Makes it a lot easier for you guys to Take your time get your cover letter Your resume all of that going and Actually spell check it rewrite it if You need to make the proper edits Without feeling like I said pressure to Have to get it in ASAP so I wanted to Share this with you guys they have all Of these different jobs like I said Here’s a lead software engineer in Belgium they also have a bunch out of Beaverton Oregon Atlanta Georgia and as You can see they’ll either say full Remote like this one functional analyst Is remote or it’ll say remote and that Is because while it is majority and On-site job they do offer remote for That specific job as well so you just Have to go through and look here we have Uh hilver some Netherlands so many Different roles San Francisco but like I Said I’m just going to send you guys to The job board let you guys do the due Diligence to figure out Um what you want to apply for and what You want to do with this information you Can also sign up for job alerts as you Can see down here and you can sign up For contract opportunities those of you

Who want to work contracted in a 1099 Position not salaried so there’s Something for everyone this company is Known for paying super super well Offering amazing benefits so if you Would like the link to this job board I Will have it on my website work from Home with job leads you can check That out if this one was not for you on Your screen are two other videos that I’ve also posted check those out you Know I find a better match for yourself There click my face to subscribe so you Never miss an upload and I will talk to You in my next video bye

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