$22 Hour + Computer Provided NON-PHONE Work At Home Job Entering Purchase Orders | No Degree | USA

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Welcome back my YouTube friends and Family this is Lindsay and I am back With yet another non-phone work from Home job lead for you today's job lead Comes from the company great minds great Minds is in the industry of creating K Through 12 educational material they do Have a 3.7 star rating on Glassdoor if You saw my scam alert video yesterday You know that I tried to make sure I Don't share companies that I can't Either validate or don't have a great Rating from current and past employees So my threshold for sharing something Just letting you know is at least three Out of five stars anything lower and I Tend not to share those but let me know Down in the comments below if you would Like me to share anything no matter what Their scoring is and of course the links To this Glassdoor page and the Application page if you want to apply For this job are always in the YouTube Description box below this video now This job because it is in the education Space and schools are out in the summer Most of the time is going to be a Seasonal position but great minds is Looking for a seasonal order processing Specialist this is remote for my United States folks only but they are looking For somebody to basically help process Their purchase orders you'll process the Purchase orders by entering the data

Through data entry utilizing their sales Force system so you'll take the purchase Orders and you'll enter them into the System so that they are in the system You'll then fulfill orders for digital Products now digital products are Electronic so you'll probably be sending Links to the products through email or PDFs to their email all of that stuff You'll research and resolve any purchase Order discrepancies and errors and You'll maintain accurate records related To those purchase orders now they are Not requiring any kind of college degree For this position just a basic knowledge Of Salesforce someone who can be Organized and detail-oriented someone Who has strong knowledge of how to use a Microsoft Office Suite great Communication skills and the ability to Work independently and part as a team Now I did mention that this is a Seasonal position it is full time though They're looking for somebody to work 40 Hours per week starting April 17th Through the end of September it says That you can be based anywhere in the United States as long as you can work 9 A.M to 5 PM Eastern Standard Time so Again make sure if you're outside of That time zone to convert your hours to See if that will work for you they are Going to provide the laptop and monitor You need to do the job and they're

Paying 22 dollars an hour now one thing To note they are going to require you Because you're dealing in the Educational space with children material To pass a criminal history background to Check before employment alright as Always if this job lead was not for you That's absolutely okay please feel free To leave in the comments anything Specific that you're looking for even if I'm not always responding I do read Those and keep that in mind when I am Searching for job leads to share thank You so so much for watching and Supporting me and I'll be back really Really soon with more work from home job Leads just for you

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