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What's up two chicks fam happy Tuesday It's me Carl I am back with a get hired Work from home job you can get hired This week as a matter of fact make sure You guys smash that red subscribe button Turn on that Bell notification thumbs up This video and make sure you share on This channel we do real giveaways and we Are giving away the store so we're Giving away 10 more brand new laptop Computers make sure you guys go tell Somebody tell a friend spread the word Be sure to come back leave us a comment Now if you are looking for more data Entry non-phone chat jobs email be sure To hop over check them out on the non Phoneworkathome.com blog make sure you Hop over here to the two chicks blog if You are looking for a easy beginner Friendly skip the interview company look Under the spotlight job section and Apply for Omni interactions they still Need agents for their clients guys so Make sure you come over here check them Out they did have a self-paced client Posted on their dashboard a couple of Days ago make sure you share as well Somebody's looking for a beginner Friendly work from home company make Sure you guys look down below in the Comments and sign up for Branded surveys And let us know what type of work from Home job side gig or hustle you're Looking for let's jump into the video so

We've talked about ever rise before so Again the company is ever rise if you Are looking for a beginner friendly Where you can get hired fast be sure to Check out this company guys so they're Looking to feel their customer service Representative work from home position It says here now as a member of the Everrise family you will be part of a Global Experience company that believes In being people first celebrating Diversity and incubating Innovation the Customers are first with this company That's what they believe in so the job Requirements for professionally handle a High volume of incoming calls thoroughly And efficiently gather the customer info Accesses and fulfill the customer needs And educate the customers where Applicable regarding products and Services and guys with this company you Don't need experience to apply so if you Are watching listening to the video make Sure you apply for this one especially If you are new to working from home this Could be a good way to get your feet wet Guys to gain the knowledge gain the Skills gain the experience take this job And move on to something bigger and Better you can start here but you don't Have to stay here now they may have a Lot of these companies do have room for Growth and this company could be one of Those companies that have room for

Growth but you might have to work six Months to a year in order to move up in The company you can always ask that Question when you do an interview ask Them is it room for growth do you guys Have any other positions after six Months to a year like how long do I have To stay in this position before I can Apply for something else basically so Let's jump back in So ability to utilize And navigate multiple systems Simultaneously you must be Dependable Meet all attendance requirements resolve The customer issues via one car Resolution guidelines and or escalated Processes meet or exceeds the company And client performance metrics maintain A balance between the company policy and The client benefit in decision making Continuously evaluate and identify the Opportunities to drive process Improvements that positively impact the Client and its customers responsible for Call disposition or compiling and Documenting the customer info as Required ability to accept and embrace Changes within the current business Environment now the qualifications if You can get through these qualifications Guys then you qualify to apply for this Job ability to pass a drug screen and Background check you have a dedicated Area to work from in your home internet Speed requirement is 20 Mbps for the

Download and 10 Mbps for the upload now From my understanding this company will Provide equipment demonstrated passion For excellence with respect for treating And caring for the customers especially The senior citizens strong decision Making and analytical abilities ability To identify customer needs and clearly Articulate the products and also the Services schedule flexibility to include The weekends evenings possible holidays And occasional overtime highly developed Sense of integrity and commitment to Customer satisfaction and you meet all Attendance and dependability Requirements and you must be someone That is a team player so again everize They are looking to feel their customer Service rep work from home position this Is a full-time job guys and I believe The pay is around 14 an hour and they Will provide you guys with the equipment And this is a super quick hire company So make sure you guys go over to Google Type in everrise check out their reviews Before you apply for the job because you Want to have the information jotted down Just in case you get an interview and They ask what do you know about everize You've already done the research because You went over to Google after listening To my video and you got that information And you're ready for that interview so Make sure you do that the link will be

Posted right below the video in the Description box so you guys can apply Make sure you share my video somebody Out there is looking for a legitimate Work from home job and they're looking For it now and again this is one of Those companies that hire super duper Fast make sure you come back leave us a Comment down below so that we can and Put your name on this giveaway list and Then you want to hop on over to Facebook Facebook join us kiss that cubicle Goodbye we post a lot of jobs in the Group that may or may not be posted or Even talked about on this YouTube Channel so you want to stay in the loop Make sure you are following us on our Two chicks with the side hustle Facebook Business page we are giving away guys Two additional laptop computers and they Are absolutely free same thing over here We're gonna do it over on the Facebook Social media platform two chicks with a Side hustle that is our business page You can tag a friend share whatever you Guys want to do create a real or a story Put us there that is fine by us and then You want to follow us over on Instagram Because on Instagram guys we have a Pop-up giveaway going on between now and It's almost the end of the year and who Knows what we're gonna give away we're Just going gonna pop up on the live and Give away something it could be a

Hundred dollar cash app it could be a Hundred dollar amazon or while my gift Card it could very well much so be a Brand new laptop computer so you just Never know what we're going to give away So just make sure that you are following Us on all of these social media Platforms we got a lot of giveaways Going on with our brand my name is Carl Thank you guys so much for watching the Video and thank you so much for sharing I will catch you wonderful lovely Fantastic people in the next one bye YouTube [Applause] [Music]

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