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Hey hey two chicks fam happy Monday Evening I hope you guys are staying warm It is supposed to snow where I live Tonight make sure you guys subscribe Like and share because on this channel We give away laptop computers and we're Giving away 10 more beautiful laptops Absolutely free so make sure you take The video share the video tell a friend And be sure to come back and leave us a Comment down below I dropped the Medication reminder video earlier today If you missed it be sure to go back and Check it out also guys don't forget to Hop over here to the two chicks blog Look under the spotlight job section Apply for Omni interactions they are on A hiring spree also don't forget to Scroll down and hit tell us as well they Are also looking for over 200 online Data analysts and this is a skip the Interview non-phone work whenever you Want position make sure you guys sign up For Branded surveys link is down below In the comment section let's jump into This video so the first thing you want To do you want to come on this blog it Is two chicks with a side you Want to look under the spotlight job Section and the company that I am going To talk about is D Scout now guys you Will have to download the app to get Started with descout we had somebody Here that is making four to five hundred

Dollars per month there is also a group On Facebook get in the Facebook group See what the strategies are I have seen People in that group guys making from Nine to two thousand dollars a month off Of this company so make sure you guys go Over to Facebook and look for D Scout Join their group so you guys can get the Strategies on how these people are able To make this type of money so it says Here you can get rewarded for sharing Your your experience Scouts participate In engaging research missions you will Get paid for their feedback and also Help shape the products and services They love download the app to get Started and they do have it on the Google Play Store and also the App Store So again come on the blog two chicks With the side look under the Spotlight job section and sign up get This easy peasy side hustle egg in your Basket there is no interview involved You're not talking to anyone this is one Of those survey type but you're also Sharing your experience and they do have Other tasks listed on their app so make Sure you guys get this one in your Basket make sure you share my video Please please please come back and leave Us a comment down below don't forget to Hop over to Facebook join us kiss that Cubicle goodbye we do have a giveaway Guys going on in the group also follow

Us on our Facebook business page it is Two chicks with beside hustle once we Reach a hundred thousand followers we Are going to give away two brand new Laptop computers on their platform as Well last but not least don't forget About Instagram we recently did a Giveaway on Instagram it was a pop-up Giveaway we gave away two hundred Dollars worth of gift cards so make sure You guys come over there and check us Out on Instagram follow follow we're Trying to get to ten thousand followers And once we do there will be another Giveaway going on on that platform so Make sure you tag a friend tell a friend Put us in a story share put us in the Rear share those stories share those Reels leave us coming somewhere my name Is Carol and I will catch you wonderful Lovely amazing people on the next video Bye Bye YouTube

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