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Welcome back my friends this is Lindsay Back with another daily work from home Job lead today's job lead not only Provides you with an Apple laptop so you Don't even have to have your own Computer equipment they're going to Provide everything that you need to be Able to do the job they are also giving You a monthly stipend for your cell Phone bill and internet so on top of Providing the computer equipment for you They are going to give you money to pay For your internet and on top of that They are paying decent anywhere from 23 To 25 dollars an hour so we'll just dive On in just know if you're interested in Applying the links to this is in the YouTube description box below this video And this is for my United States folks Only today's job lead is from the Company peer space now peerspace is more Of an event booking the type platform They're on a mission to bring people Together they run a Marketplace of the World's most unique spaces Lofts Rooftops photo studios so p people can Book most activities like weddings photo Shoots team meetings all kinds of things And so they are looking for a customer Experience associate to help with those Bookings now they are hiring within the United States with no State restrictions However you must be willing to work Pacific Standard Time hours of 8 A.M to

5 p.m so if you're outside of that time Zone you need to convert your hours to That time zone to see if that will work For you but they are basically looking For someone to provide friendly and Efficient service to the peer space host And guest to make sure they have a Seamless no hassle booking experience You'll identify and execute Opportunities to surprise and Delight Their hosts and guests you'll serve as a First point of contact on onboarding Hosts and recommending locations to Service the guest you'll engage Customers thoughtfully and Professionally via existing support Channels those can include a phone email And live chat now one thing to quickly Note about this position is does say it Requires a bachelor degree from an Accredited University they are looking For someone who is a passion for problem Solving someone who's great Communication skills a great Interpersonal skills and is comfortable Prioritizing tasks across multiple Potential competing opportunities or Demands now if you don't mind a customer Service again they are paying a 23 to 25 Dollars an hour a course that they Offered the standard benefit package of Medical dental vision coverage a 401k Paid time off they also give you a 20 Discount if you want to do bookings on a

Peer space yourself but again down here Talks about they give you an Apple Laptop with the 4K display they give you A stipend to set up your home office a Monthly cell phone and internet credit All the things all right if this job Lead was not for you that's okay as Always feel free to leave in the Comments anything specific you're Looking for I do read those and keep That in mind thank you so so much for Watching and support me and I'll be back Really really soon with more work from Home job leads just for you

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