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Foreign [Music] It’s your favorite remote work Enthusiast Delilah I hope you guys had a Wonderful weekend and I hope you’ve been Enjoying your holiday if you’re watching This on Monday when I just posted it It’s President’s Day so maybe you got a Chance to relax you know take a little Bit of a load off but now it’s And I have a hot lead that I think you Guys are really going to enjoy I am no Stranger to this company it’s called Whoop and they make like a smart watch Device they also provide other Accessories that go with it so it’s Pretty cool company and I’ve shared Their leads plenty of times and y’all Are gonna love the fact that it’s high Pay they have some really awesome Benefits and it is no experience Friendly plus there are a few other Perks that they offer that we’ll get on Into so first things first just make Sure you go ahead and lock it in by Hitting the Subscribe button and tapping That notification Bell you never know When I’m gonna drop these leads but you Do know that I share these hot leads Every single weekday so you know they’re Coming your way all right and you want To be the first to get your application In and on that note we are ready to jump In

Okay so jumping on in here this hot lead Comes from a company called whoop and as You can see they’re showing you their Smart Watch device and how you can like Customize it and stuff for your taste And this is an advanced fitness and Health wearable technology they say it Helps you monitor your recovery sleep Training health and any other Personalized recommendations so that’s What this company is all about now as I Mentioned I have shared them before and In fact it’s been three years since I Last shared them so I check my own Channel okay I have to search sometimes Just to see like okay have I shared this Company before and even though it says Two years if you click on it the last Time I shared this was April 20th 2020 Which blows my mind because I was Thinking like oh it’s been like a year Maybe it’s been three years you guys That is crazy to me how fast time flies But anyway as you can see this job used To pay 18 dollars per hour they also Used to specify in the lead that it was A night hour position and that they Provided the equipment however now this Job actually pays more according to Glassdoor we’re jumping on in here okay This job pays about 49 775 dollars per year which if you want To know what that is hourly that’s about 24.89 so you’re better off just go ahead

And asking them for that 25. now if You’re wondering well what is this Position exactly this is for whoops Member Services representative position And I will tell you back when I posted This I got feedback from people who got Hired and in particular I remember this You know one gentleman saying like hey My wife got hired for this she loves it This is flex and they set the equipment And all of that so I’ve only heard good Things from my audience in the past when I shared it now it looks like this lead Has evolved a little bit because as I Mentioned before it used to be a Non-phone role it looks like they’ve Included phone so you have to be cool With getting on the phone but they also Mention email and chat are different Ways that you will communicate with Members now the plus side to this is Looking through the qualifications there Are no minimum years specified which Means as long as you can check off these Boxes even if you’ve never worked before You’re good to apply so this is no Experience friendly it’s high pay and You really can’t beat that because no Experience typically doesn’t pay well Now jumping on in here it says at whoop We’re on a mission to unlock Human Performance whoop empowers members to Perform at a higher level through a Deeper understanding of their bodies and

Daily lives Lube is Seeking a membership Service professional who loves Supporting communities and Geeks out on Identifying underlying issues these Could range from Hardware challenges With the whoop strap to solve for Problems with the app to analytical Questions about the user’s data as a Membership services representative at Whoop your responsibilities will be to Filled troubleshoot and resolve issues That arise in Our member base you will Be surrounded by highly motivated Creative and passionate peers who have a Strong mission to provide a Best in Class experience for our members if You’re looking to be a part of a Thriving Dynamic fast-paced team-based Environment then whoop is the place for You this is a full-time position with Shift times that will change on a Regular basis in line with whoops shift Bidding procedures so I’m not 100 sure What that means but what it sounds like Is they might have a variety of shifts That are open and you got a bid on them And it might be like a first come first Serve kind of thing but you know we Could only go off of what they told us Right here responsibilities deliver high Quality service across multiple support Channels including phone email and chat And resolve member issues an acceptable Time frame be a hard-working advocate

For members while answering any Questions that come your way show Compassion to frustrated members while Solving problems and addressing Unsatisfactory experiences meet or Exceed the Department’s metric driven Goals and kpis cph quality fcr csat L Slas Etc provide onboarding product Demos via phone and video to new members Provide clear documentation of all cases In line with quality standards ability To leverage multiple applications Salesforce intercom stripe admin console UPS Etc triage issues and raise to Management when Trends or bugs are Identified that could potentially be Impacting a large number of members the Actively accessible available and Responsive to customers peers and Management during the duration of Assigned work hours be a great teammate Through engagement and ownership meet Attendance and punctuality expectations While properly recording work hours in The company timekeeping system Qualification ability to work remotely With internet speed of 100 mpps Uploading 20 mpps download shifts will Be across a Monday to Sunday period you Will be a powerful advocate for whoops Members and are passionate about the Community experience excellent written And oral communication skills adapt to Change and absorb new information with

Ease ability to remain calm professional And communicative while troubleshooting Member concerns proven track record of Analyzing information troubleshooting Problems and resolving or escalating Issues as needed positive attitude and High energy performer ability to thrive In a dynamic fast-paced team-based Environment ability to flourish within a Startup environment and adapt to change And it says Loop is an equal opportunity Employer and participates in e-verified To determine employment eligibility so That is the job lead okay and if you Like this lead the apply for this button Is at the bottom now I always try to Give you all information if I have it so A lot of times you’ll ask me about stuff And I’ll be like I don’t know beyond What the lead says but but I will tell You okay again referring to when I Posted this job in the past I was saying They used to provide the equipment and They specified that in the lead we just Read the lead and they did not specify It however I was using my resources okay I was on their glass door I was checking Out their reviews and someone mentioned That an Apple computer was provided to Them and that review was written in like Late 2022 so just last year so it sounds Like they still provide equipment However they did not say it in this lead And even when a company provides

Equipment they might not always say that In the lead because they might not know That that’s a really big deal for a lot Of applicants so go into it thinking hey They may provide it but in the off Chance that they don’t I don’t want to Miss my opportunity to get a high pay no Experience role like this I need to have My own equipment which brings me to My First Resource that I’m gonna Point Y’all’s attention to If you do not have a computer to work From home on or if your computer just Does not meet specs that these companies Require check out my Amazon storefront And my Amazon storefront I have computer Packages that match up with 99 of Companies requirements and I have Economical packages okay so if you’re Like I just don’t have the money but I Need to make some money I’m sure you can Find a hundred and forty five dollars so That you can make money okay if you Gotta borrow it from somebody within the First week you will make that money back This is a CPU tower that runs Windows 10 Pro most companies require Windows 10 Minimum this runs Windows 10 Pro the Wired keyboard and mouse okay and then The 19-inch monitor those are the Minimum specs that I’ve seen the Majority okay I’m not gonna go ahead and Say all but those are the minimum Required specs I’ve seen the majority of

Companies have and I’ve actually never Seen any company that specified above This so just leaving a little room for Error there okay but this is all sold Through Amazon so they can get this to You by next week and if it doesn’t work For you or whatever reason it’s Amazon You can send it back so I just wanted to Point out this resource to y’all because I know a lot of folks need a computer a Lot of folks have gotten you know these Computers and it’s worked fabulously for Them Next I want to point you guys to my mega List of jobs you see this right here This is the company that we’re talking About all right I’m always telling y’all I eat my own cooking okay this list is a List of companies that are known to hire You to work from home these are Companies that my team and I have posted On my channel and we’ve researched so of Course do your own research but today I Was like I want to share a really good Job and I said let me go to my mega list Of jobs so I went to my mega list and I Saw whoop and I said it’s been a while Let me check them out and lo and behold Okay I found this hot lead for y’all so People are getting interviews people are Getting hired from companies they find On the mega list of jobs this is a free Resource that I provide y’all the link Is in the description box below make

Sure you bookmark it and check the mega List of jobs every day I have the direct Link to companies careers pages and you Can see exactly what they have that’s Fresh and hot and ready for you to apply To okay so link for this hot lead along With my Amazon storefront and the mega List of jobs will be in the description Box below and thank you so much for Watching I truly hope this has been Helpful and I will talk to you soon bye Foreign

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