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Hey hey hey happy Sunday two chicks fam I hope you guys had a fantastic week and Weekend it's me Carl I am back with a Non-phone chat job so make sure you guys Check out this video also don't forget To go back and check out that non phone Claims processor position that I posted On the channel earlier now if you are Looking for more non-phone be sure to Check them out over here on the blog make sure You guys smash that red subscribe button Turn on that Bell notification thumbs up These videos and make sure you share on This channel guys we give away laptop Computers and we are giving away 10 more Laptops we've already purchased them so Make sure you guys go tell a friend Spread the word help us get to a hundred Thousand subscribers before the end of The year we are right around like 82 900 And something right now I believe we can Do it make sure you guys check out the Video guys that I posted on the channel Channel yesterday I posted three videos Yesterday so make sure you guys go back Check them out hop over to the two Chicks blog look under the spotlight job Section make sure you apply for Omni and Also for tell us and don't forget about Branded surveys the link is down below In the comment section let's go ahead And jump in so this company I've talked About them before they are hiring again

This is the Delta defense LLC company And they are looking to feel the live Sales chat rep it says remote is Optional so you can work from home with This company now it says here guys that The live sales chat reps on our digital Team provide world-class customer Service through every written Outlet Including email chat SMS and social Media direct contacts such as private Messages or PMs and direct messages or DMS this position is responsible for Interacting through all the platforms to Engage educate and sell the usccaa or Uscca membership build deep connections While helping others be the very best Protectors of self and family when you Sign up a new member you are expanding The mission of the uscca see I got it Right that time and contributing to the Growth of Delta defense now It says that you would have to respond To emails chats SMS and all reasonable Social media interactions you will have To respond to customer inquiries with Knowledgeable and well thought out Answers maintain up-to-date knowledge of Our products services and promotions Operate with a fine needs field needs Mindset provide Solutions offers and Information to match customer needs you Will handle and resolve customer Concerns with empathy and also attention To detail follow up with customers as

Needed to ensure the best possible Service experience consistently meet and Exceed key performance indicators Established for this position provide an Awesome customer experience each and Every time ensure every Prospect and Customer understands the powerful Benefits and resources available to them As a uscca member you will collaborate With the team members and help one Another learn and grow and now for this One guys you will need a high school Diploma or equivalent it says Associate's degree or higher that is Just preferred it is not required prior Work history in a customer service role Experiencing digital modes of Communication this is a plus required to Pass and maintain producer Property and Casualty license paid training is Provided for all hires excellent Interpersonal skills strong written Verbal communication abilities Demonstrated ability to employ patients Empathy and strong listening skills While ensuring customer needs are Fulfilled in a timely and satisfactory Manner Computer fluency working knowledge of Software applications and Advanced Internet functions you're passionate About delighting the customers and Communicating with them through writing Able to work equally as well in a team

Environment or remotely so it is a Remote work from home type of job it Says You must be able to complete Full-time pay training Monday through Friday for the first eight weeks upon Hire now let's scroll on down and let's Jump into this wage starting hourly wage It is 18 but you can earn up to three More dollars per hour in premiums as Provided based on the days and the hours Work so this role is eligible for a Commission as well and also some bonus Eligibility for a company incentive Plans oh that is great so they have Multiple shifts available guys I see Tuesday through Saturday 3 to 11 30 and I see Sunday through Thursday 3 P.M to 11 30 p.m now This may not be wrote in stone so if you Feel like you cannot work these hours And you still want to apply I would just Apply and ask the recruiter if they Don't have any other shifts available You can always ask how long do I have to Stay on this particular shift or do you Guys do the shift BS a lot of companies Do shift bids so you may or may not have To stay on this position for a very long Time I'll say that but I don't really Know so anywho the company is dealt to Defense LLC they're looking to feel the Live chat sales rep position make sure You guys do some research I'm going to Keep saying this do some research go

Over to Google it takes two to three Minutes to type in Dell to defense LLC See what comes up make sure if you want To apply jot the information down Because you want to be what prepared and You don't want to get on that interview And then they ask well what do you know About Delta defense LLC and then you're Going to remember Carl said in the video I should have did some research so you Want to do that first if you're going to Apply for the job jot down the Information so if in case they email you And say hey we want to do an interview You already have your information and You are prepared make sure you guys Share this video leave us a comment we Are trying to get to a hundred thousand Subscribers hopefully guys we can get There before the end of the year because We already have the laptops and we're Trying to give them away so make sure You go tell a friend about what we do on This channel share share share hop over To Facebook join the group KISS that Cubicle goodbye make sure you guys Follow us on our other social media Platforms because we got a lot more Giveaways coming Two chicks with a side hustle this is Our Facebook business page for those of You that haven't heard we are going to Give away two additional laptop Computers over on that page so hop on

Over there follow us start sharing the Content over there we already have some Of our subscribers over here over there Already sharing it is not too late it's Never too late make sure you guys hop on Over there start sharing like crazy like They are already doing and shout out to Those sweet ladies that are already Sharing us on that platform also guys We're doing a pop-up giveaway over on Instagram so make sure you are following Us on Tick Tock Twitter and on Instagram We're trying to build those platforms up Now on Instagram I think we have about Nine nine thousand people so far on Instagram so hop on over there guys help Us get to ten thousand followers over on Our Instagram page we're doing a pop-up Giveaway between now and the end of the Year so you want to be following us Because you never know what we're gonna Pull out of our hats it could be another Laptop computer it could be a desktop This time who knows could be a hundred Dollar cash app you just never know so Hop on over there follow us make some Reels put us in your stories let your Friends and family members know what we Are all about and what we do my name is Carl and I'll catch you lovely wonderful Amazing people on the next video Bye YouTube

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