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Hey two chicks fam it's me Carl and I am Back with another work from home video Happy Monday everyone I hope you guys Had a wonderful weekend if you are new Here welcome to the channel make sure You subscribe like and share because on This channel not only do we talk about Legit work from home jobs side gigs and Side hustles we also do real giveaways And we are giving away 10 more beautiful Brand new laptop computers absolutely Free the only thing you guys have to do Is take my video post it on your social Media platforms Facebook Instagram Tick Tock Twitter and don't forget to come Back and leave us a comment down below Now I dropped about five videos on the Channel yesterday if you miss them make Sure you go back and check those out Don't forget about Telus Telus has an Open opportunity for their Raider work From home position it is posted over Here on the two chicks with the side Hustle.com blog look on the home page Under where it says scooter reached out And applied today let us know in the Comments what type of work from home job You're looking for and be sure guys to Sign up for Branded surveys the link is In the comment section let's get into it So the company is called clutter Now clutter is looking to feel their Dispatch operations specialist work from Home position now as you guys can see

Here they are stay specific California New York New Jersey you guys are on the List so you can apply for this one the Pay is 24 an hour that is the starting Pay so it says that the ultimate problem Solvers and adaptable to any situation Our live operation Specialists are Responsible for maintaining the Day-to-day success of our field Operations and we'll resolve complex Issues with poise and professionalism we Are looking for resilient dispatch Operations Specialists to join the Collaborative fully remote team so keep That in mind guys that they are State Specific you will become the resident Expert on the cutter platform processes And policies provides support for our Movers over the phone use internal tools To dispatch and schedule orders for our Field teams to complete use good Judgment and strong communication skills To ensure escalations are solved Efficiently quickly respond to internal Issues and escalations to resolve any Issues in the field you will work Cross-functionally with other Departments to prioritize coordinate and Apply resources as needed now they are Looking for People that have Bachelor degrees from a University but this is just preferred Availability to work on weekends this is Required high-speed internet connection

This is required as well because clutter Will send you guys the equipment three Plus years of professional experience in A similar customer facing role Consistent track record of success Passion for technology and respect for The process you are a self-starter Possesses flexibility to work in a fast Changing environment with flexible Shifts and ambiguous situations strong Communicator who enjoy building rapport With other skateboard skate holders and Resolving complex issues experience or Understanding of how to work and Collaborate with a remote distributed Team so the information guys it is on The two chicks blog there will be a link Right below the video in the description Box so you guys can check out this Company again the company is clutter and They are looking to feel this dispatch Operations work from home position so so The pay again it is 24 an hour they are Stay specific and if you are listening To my video when you live in California New Jersey New York Washington Ohio guys you can apply for this job I Even see Illinois on here this time so Make sure you guys check this one out Make sure you go over to Google do some Research on the company because with This company guys there will be an Interview and you want to be prepared And not surprised make sure you share my

Video somebody out there is looking for A job especially somebody in California And you never know who on your friends List may live in California that is Looking for a legit work from home job And you just might be that person to Help them out thank you guys so much for Sharing the content to the ones that Have been sharing but if you have not And you want to join in on the fun with These giveaways make sure you take the Video posted on your social media Platforms it does not matter which Platform it could be Tick Tock Twitter Instagram Snapchat there are so many Social media platforms out there just Make sure you share it with a friend Guys but don't forget to come back leave Us a comment and then hop on over to Facebook make sure you join the name of Our group it is kiss that cubicle Goodbye follow us guys on our other Social media platforms we do have a Facebook business page we are giving Away two additional laptop computers on That page so make sure you follow us Like and share also don't forget about Instagram and Twitter two chicks with The side hustle share share share Because again sharing is caring my name Is Carl and I will catch you wonderful Lovely amazing people on the next video Bye YouTube

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