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Good morning it's Suzanne back with your Second work from home job lead this is a Crisis intervention counselor now if you Are thinking to yourself I don't have Any counseling experience I'm not a Counselor I'm not sure if you need it in This position because it does not Specifically say that you have to have Counseling experience I think it's a Preferred qualification but let's take a Look it's a hundred percent remote it's With the company nation's finest they Have two five star reviews and they pay Up to twenty four dollars per hour for a Full-time remote Monday through Friday Schedule all right so this is a Temporary position until January 24th 2023 I'm not sure if you're filling in For somebody who's out or what the deal Is but it is a temporary position it Pays 23.50 per hour for 40 hours per Week in addition you're eligible for a Hundred dollars a month stipend for your Home internet equipment computers cell Phone because it's a temporary position There's no benefits unfortunately so if You're looking for a little bit of work Maybe through the holiday season or Through the winter the this would be a Good choice for you you are eligible for 24 hours of paid sick time this position Requires access to Internet with enough Bandwidth to regularly conduct Teleconference calls and video based

Meetings and chats all candidates hired For this rule are required to live on The west coast in the Pacific Standard Time zone So a little bit about this job you will Provide Crisis Intervention techniques Via remote platforms and through on the Ground Community connections the crisis Counselor May conduct assessments and Service referrals and conducts Telephonic and other remote forms of Outreach to Community Partners and Potential clients main job duties answer Telephone calls emails and texts provide Up to 15 minutes of Crisis Intervention Remotely provide Community referrals to Individuals seeking Services provide Community-based education to Community Partners manage interactions with Callers schedule virtual appointments With clients and other community members Accurately and efficiently document Caller demographics attend virtual Trainings and team meetings Etc and Other remote duties as assigned so hit Let's get into the requirements they Want you to have knowledge of an Experience with common remote platforms Such as teams Zoom or go to meeting two Years experience using Microsoft Office Products such as Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel most people already have Of that knowledge of and experience Using Microsoft Office online products

Like email PowerPoint Etc ability to Effectively navigate internet com Demeanor went under pressure ability to Respond to calls and emails ability to Enter data online ability to navigate Online learning management system All right so they would like you to have An associate's degree it does say it's Preferred however you do need to have at Least a high school diploma one year of Higher education college level in a Related field such as Social Work Psychology or at least one year of Experience in a similar role veteran Status is desirable but not required Okay it's a remote position if you have The qualifications for this job I'm Going to put that link down below so you Can apply and guys I will be back again With two more work from home job leads Tomorrow

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