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Foreign [Music] This is Melissa from melissia at home And I'm back with another video so in Today's video we're going to share Another amazing opportunity and this is Coming from if you Have never heard of this company it's Basically an online resource for both Students as well as Educators such as Tutors and teachers and Provide lessons and other tools to help With studies so they have test preps Courses teaching tools for teachers and Tutors as well is basically The place for all things study another Great thing about is that they Do have remote-based positions that are Ideal for those who are looking for Flexibility and some of the jobs that They have listed are contract-based Positions that are similar to Freelancing okay so they tend to have Positions that will offer you a lot of Flexibility where you can work wherever Whenever that you would like so you get To set your own schedule or choose when You want to work okay so that's ideal For those who are looking to gain Experience in a certain area or field to Put on your resume you'll have something To put on your resumes so it's always a Plus to work for companies that offer Contracts and positions but then of

Course there are also some aspects about Being a contractor that you have to be Aware of if you know if you are a Beginner and you would like to learn More about the dentist very important That you know the difference being a 1099 contractor versus being an employee For a company so there's some Differences between the two so the Opportunities that you come across if You are looking for employment and not Necessarily 1099 Contracting position That's good to know what to look for so Usually you'll get some ideas in the job Listing when you read the details it Will let you know if it's an employment Position or Contracting position now I Do offer my full guide for beginners It's called work from home simplified Where I Touch faces on this particular Topic of being a contractor versus an Employee and it also contains other Information that are very important for Such as best places to find legit work Online and how to avoid online scams Like what to look for so that you can Decipher legit opportunities from scams Okay so it's very important especially When it comes to searching for online Opportunities because there are a lot of Scams that do occur and happen and a lot Of companies are now letting their Candidates know what to look for so Online scammers have become very

Advanced in how they go about scamming You as an individual looking for remote Lease opportunities so it's very Important to know how to navigate Through all of this so my ebook will Definitely give you some information on How how to do this and so much more Information contained in this ebook it Basically has everything you need to Know to start working online if you're Interested in this ebook link is in the Description section below this video It's the full guide and it's called work From home simplified all right so let's Get back to now in order to Find the opportunities on this website You want to go directly to Okay and make sure that it's their Official website so this is their Official website and this is where you Want to find their opportunities Directly on their website there are Third-party sites that post their jobs Every now and then but I highly suggest That you go directly to a company's Website to verify if the opportunity is Available or not there are instances Where a company may use third parties Such as indeed to post their job listing And they don't post it on their website So indeed is a trusted website so you May be able to find remote-based Positions on indeed but not all their Opportunities are legit either okay so

It's very important that you know the Steps to take to determine whether an Opportunity is legit or this is their Website and then you want to Scroll down to the very bottom of their Page and then you're going to go to Where it says not careers you can click On their career section but the career Section is more for local positions not Necessarily remote-based jobs but if You're interested in learning more about Their careers that they have available Then you can go to that section but for The sake of this video we're going to go To where it says teach for us and that Is where you're going to find a Remote-based opportunity so we're going To click on where it says teach for us And it will take you to this page where It says flexible education gigs with so you can reach students Worldwide with one of these great Flexible work from home contractor Positions in writing reviewing editing And more okay so you could click where It says view open positions in and it Will drop you down immediately to this Section where it says apply now you'll See all the positions that are available They have positions in multiple Countries so if you're International you Might find something here for you to do And they have positions that states Remotes that can be remotes in the US

Only So if you scroll down you'll see they Have different positions and majority of Them are contract works okay so contract Jobs again are great if you're looking For something that is flexible that is Easy and quick to start usually you can Get started with contract positions a Lot faster than Employments employee Jobs okay so the job opportunities I Want to share with you in this video Scrolling back up is there is there Online research and data entry Assistance contract position that is Remote based I believe this is remote Base in the US and it will bring you to This page now once you're on this page Before you read about the job I want you To scroll up okay to the top here where It says benefits of online work as a contractor so this is where You can learn get a little bit more Information about their being a Contractor so again you get flexible Hours work whenever and whenever work Wherever and whenever you want Completely online reliable payments so They pay twice a month and I believe They may pay directly to PayPal for some Of their jobs it may State this in the Job listing or the job posts once you Read their job position description we Usually give you information on how they Pay you so these are the different

Sections and areas that you can apply For if you're interested in lesson Writing curriculum design q a homework Help Research and copywriting positions are Available etc etc so let's get to the Online research and data entry position That I want to show you in this video This particular job you do not need to Have experience to apply for this job Okay so for their research and data Entry assistance you will support's skilled email Outreach Effort to get out the word about their Resource resources and product offerings Their ideal data entry assistance are Self-motivated and thoughtful with Excellence research and critical Thinking skills project description Research and data entry assistance Evaluates a variety of websites and find The best contracts for Approved sites Working on multiple simultaneous Projects you would assess the contents Of a Project's resource evaluate Provided websites as potential link Building partners and determine whether They fit for the project resource you Would also be responsible for finding The best contract for each approved Website so this is strictly a research So this is strictly a research role this Position does not require communication With external sites okay so this is an

Online based opportunity it's an iPhone Based majority of the job you will be Doing research as well as some data Entry work is involved as well so Required qualifications for this job Successful candidates for this role will Have the following experience or Abilities you will have online Researching skills so if you've ever Reached search anything on Google then You should have already then you have The skill already Content evaluation and website vetting Like vetting websites and evaluating Content very simple access to us-based Websites if you are in the US and you Have access to websites critical Thinking and evaluation Detail-oriented English language fluency Able to work independently responsive to Project changes as well as feedback Their preferred qualification is as Follows Buzz stream smartsheet and Microsoft Office familiarity data entry If you have some data entry skills link Building is preferred these are Preferred but they're not required so if You don't have data entry again the job Is majority of the job is researching Okay with some data entry involved they Offer reliable payments timely reliable Payments twice a month via PayPal so They State how they will pay you in this Job post Paypal work is paid hourly so

This is basically what they're offering Flexibility Independence as well as a Supportive staff again in terms of how Much they pay because they did not list The payment for this particular job you Would have to do again some Google Research you know researching job or You're gonna have to research their Salary so if you go to Google and enter Data entries for salary you Will see that the average salary which Is stated by indeed or reported by Indeed for the data entry clerk in the US is approximately 19.90 okay so that Is the average now I always State this In my videos recently I've been doing This pay can vary based on your location So if you live in one state and someone Else lives in another state and they Post that oh well I work for I work from home for the same Company and I only get paid 15 an hour That does not mean that someone else is Going to get the same amount of pay they May get a little less or even more than You so it depends on the state that you Reside in that determines how much you Will get paid for some of these Companies okay and also your experience Level also plays a factor Etc etc okay so keep that in mind so it May vary based on each individual so This is their average salary stated here As nineteen dollars per hour for their

Data entry clerk but that position is Mainly researching with some data entry Involved there are no information to be Found about the salary for researching For okay so the closest that You may get for this position that Relates to it based on the work that You'll be doing for this company so Again around 1990 up to 29 per hour for Some other contract positions okay so That's the average that I receive search On my Independence time so you can feel Free to research on your own if you get Something totally different or if you Have worked for this particular company In this same position as a research data Entry clerk assistant and you know Exactly how much they pay feel free to Post it in the comment section below This video but for the sake of this Video my independent research based on What you see here on your screen but Indeed the average that they have is 19.90 for their data entry Clerk and Some of their contract position can pay Up to 29 per hour okay so that's Basically what you have to do when you Don't see the average or any salary Listed on a job post is basically do Some research to get as close to what You can expect so that's basically what We're gonna go with all right and again It's flexible you can choose when and Where you want to work now it also

States that even if you don't meet all The requirements for an online research And data entry assistant at Com they still encourage you to apply Anyway click apply now at the bottom to Complete an application and submit your Resumes so I would have to submit a Resume for this job if you need Assistance with your resume I do provide Services to revamp your resume I can do It for you or you can check out my Resume template ready to go resume Template bundle I just recently added a Full resume and cover letter guide to This bundle based on requests so it Includes a bonus full resume and cover Letter guide to help you write the Perfect resume okay so it's a ready to Go a resume template that you can use to Fill in the details that relates to the Job that you're applying to if you like For me to work on your resume then Expect it to take a little bit longer so If you're looking to apply for a Position ASAP keep in mind it will take Me a bit of time to work on your resumes And I also have other client resumes and Other things and consultations that I do So it would take me around 48 hours or So to get your resumes done so if you're Looking to apply for position Immediately then I highly suggest that You use my ATS remote ready resume Template bundle so that you already have

A template and all you're doing is Filling out the information with your if With your details to submit and apply For a position okay so that's basically What you can do so if you're ready to Get started you can click where it says Apply now and this is where it will take You just fill out all this information In the section for their online research And data entries position if you have an Account with a with indeed you can apply With indeed if not then you just Manually filling out all this Information and attaching a resume Etc etc okay and then submit your Application all right so that's coming From they are currently hiring And that is the job that they're hiring For at this time they also have other Remote based contract positions if You're interested did the check out the Link in the description section below This video it will take you to this job As well as other remote based positions That I've posted recently that are Currently hiring so thank you again for Watching and I wish you all the best Talk to you soon bye

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