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Hello hello what's up welcome back if It's your first time welcome let's dive Into this 20 to 24 per hour part-time Credentials specialing I'm sorry Credentialing specialist I was dyslexic There and switch them for a minute let's Dive into this role I'll give you some More info send you on your way so you Need a minimum of three years experience In Contracting credentialing Etc now 24 Hours per week is what they're looking For that's why it's part time and you Will be monitoring and maintaining the Databases communicating the status Updates process and verify all Credentialing as well as Re-credentialing review the provider Documentation enroll providers with Payers address and resolve the Contractual deniers maintain that data Track the certification expiration Enrollment Etc so very straightforward To the point PTO is what they're Offering it is part-time so Unfortunately you don't really get full Benefits usually with a part-time role But it does show PTO which is great Monday through Friday and only a high School diploma or equivalent so no Post-secondary degree very Straightforward to the point 20 to 24 Per hour if you want to apply for this Job you can find the link to the Application on my website which will be

Linked in the description box below if This one was not for you on the screen Are two other roles I've posted check Those out you might find a better match Or just more to apply to all at once Click my face on the screen to subscribe Because you didn't at the start of this Video and I know you guys want these Videos before the rest so click that Subscribe I love you guys so much I wish You the best of luck on these Applications and I will talk to you in My next video bye

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