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Welcome back my party people Just a thought I would try something Different with the intro I know y'all Probably get tired of hearing me say the Exact same thing all the time but Welcome back to another work from home Job lead this one requires absolutely no Experience whatsoever which is always so Exciting so if you are looking to get Into the healthcare field but don't have A health experience this might be Perfect for you today's job lead is from The company option Care Health they have A 3.1 out of 5 star rating on Glassdoor They have 685 reviews of course as Always the Glassdoor page and the job Posting page are linked in the YouTube Description box below if you want to go Check them out put that application in Or do some additional research on the Company but option Care Health is hiring A reimbursement clerk now they are based Out of Springfield Illinois but they are Hiring remote to National throughout the United States one thing you might want To take into account is because this is A health care company they are going to Require you to have the covid-19 vaccine Even if it is a work from home they are Paying 16 an hour for this position Which works out to 128 dollars a day That is before taxes but they are Looking for somebody to provide Administrative and clerical support in

Accordance with Department procedures You also perform routine clerical duties Such as a data entry filing compiling And posting records photocopying as Needed you'll scan all reimbursement Documentation into the patient's Financials chart and you'll scan all Cash batches and eobs or explanation of Benefits received from the insurance Companies into the patient's chart You'll perform a follow-up on claim Submission to make sure that the Insurance companies received the claims You'll copy in District distribute the Eobs or other documentation as necessary Then you might have to follow up with The insurance companies that for some Claimed submissions and that may include Occasionally picking up the phone and Making an outbound phone call if you Can't find it online but in today's Healthcare world most per insurance Companies have provider portals and a Lot of that can be done electronically Online so this is a mostly non-phone Position now as far as a what they are Requiring a high school diploma or GED No college degree is required they just Want somebody who has a basic level in Microsoft Excel in a basic level in Microsoft Word other than that that is All the actual requirements now it does Say previous infusion medical billing or Collections or intake admissions

Experience is preferred but not required Again pay is a sixteen dollars an hour They offer a standard benefit package That includes a dental insurance Disability Health Life vision all the Things 401k and paid time off alright if You've made it to the end of this video I want to say thank you so so much for Watching and supporting me as always Feel free to leave anything specific That you're looking for let me know Down Below in the comments as well if you Enjoy these Health Care work from home Job leads and I'll be back really really Soon with more work from home job leads Just for you

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