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Hello what is up welcome back to my Channel and if it's your first time here Welcome my name is CeCe I make daily Work from home job lead videos to help You switch from an in-office job to Being able to work from home so click That red subscribe button below and let Me help you get hired this is through HCA Healthcare it is based out of Nashville Tennessee but you can work Anywhere from home part-time as a Virtual customer advisor in the United States there is a kova 19 vaccine uh Little blurb here however I'm not sure If this applies if you work from home so That is something to note and take into Account it is here on the side so I did Want to acknowledge that they are Looking for someone to be a virtual Customer advisor to work from home like I said you get a total rewards package That supports Health life career and Retirement and comprehensive medical Coverage additional options for vision And dental fertility and family building Benefits free counseling a 401K with 100 Match on three to nine percent of pay Family Support Employee Stock plan Retirement retirement education Assistance time away from work and a Colleague recognition program so some of What you will do for this role is obtain Info to resolve inquiries confer with Other staff reconcile accounts review

Accounts for duplicate charge errors or Appeal requests correct and add in Insurance info encourage payment from The patient through credit card check or Payment arrangement answer all inquiries Promptly maintain a courteous Professional attitude there's so much Here but you guys know the basic call Center work from home requirements and The qualifications that you need only a High school diploma or a GED a minimum Of one-year related experience if it's In health care amazing if not no worries Relevant education may substitute Experience requirement so maybe you're Pursuing a medical degree pre-med bio Anything in healthcare that could also Supplement that and you do need to have High-speed internet to work from home There's not a rate of pay here listed I'll pop in a screenshot estimate but do Keep in mind you will have to confirm With the hiring manager during your Interview or Reach Out prior to get the Actual 100 exact rate of pay but that is Just meant to give you guys an estimate Via my research to see if it's worth Applying for or not so if you would like The link to apply for this job you're Already know the drill you can find it In the description box below if this one Was out for you on your screen or two Other great leads I've also posted check Those out you might find a better match

There click my face to subscribe so you Never miss an upload and I will talk to You in my next video bye

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