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Foreign Welcome back I hope everybody's doing Good today I'm doing great and I'm back With another job for you guys and this One is going to be with the company Feather they're currently looking for a Customer success manager and this shop Has some good pay and this job also has Some really good benefits okay so let's Go ahead and get straight into the Details this job is remote in the Eastern and central time zones it is Full time and the compensation is Actually a starting pay of 60k per year But you can make between 78 and 98k After a couple of years okay so let's Talk more about the position but this Shop right here you will be working with The customers to ensure that they're Adopting feather as their marketing Platform and have access to all Necessary feather features to meet their Needs you will act as the primary Feather point of contact for each of the Customers assigned to you and you will Also be helping customers see their Value in their feather license renew on An annual basis and expand usage of the Platform so for the experience they Likely to have two plus years of Business to business account management Customer success or sales experience Also experience managing a large volume Of customer accounts 70 Plus accounts

Also proven success in a quota and Retention carrying role you also need to Be organized adaptable be great with Your communication have closing skills And also have curiosity so again you're Going to earn 60k per year with the First year on target earnings being 78k And a fully wrapped customer success Manager can make 98k a year commission Is based on total annualized revenue Retention so you're going to also get Benefits they have your regular Health Dental and vision and then they have Four day work weeks educational budgets Wellness credits and social events okay So one thing I like about this company Is they're letting you know about their Interview process so the first part of The interview process is going to be an Information screening the talent Acquisition team will invite candidates That move forward to a 30-minute virtual Inner of you this conversation will be Focused on relevant work experience Compensation role overview and answering Any questions that you may have and then They're going to have a work assignment And manager interview for you you're Going to be given a small projects to Complete that is relevant to the work That you can expect in the role the Completion of the assignment should not Take more than one hour you'll present Your work to the senior director of

Customer success and a team manager During a 45-minute manager interview the Goal is to learn more about your thought Process and offer feedback around your Project then you'll have a panel Interview this is going to be a one hour Interview with three key members of the Team and this interview will dive deeper Into the role technical knowledge and Other requirements of the position and Then you will get the offer okay so Let's take a look at the application the Application doesn't look to be too long At all so of course if you guys are Interested in applying you can find that Link in the description bar you guys Know that if you have any questions or Any comments you can leave those below And as usual thank you guys so much for Watching I'll see you in my next video And good luck to those who apply for the Job

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